Liberta Radio 011 – Orion Guest Mix – Pioneer DJ Radio

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Liberta Radio 011 – Orion Guest Mix – Pioneer DJ Radio


Enclave – Terraforma
SCB x Wehbba – New Culture
Pearl Vision – Abuse It
Orion – ID
Paul Ritch – Doubles
Vinicius Honorio – Muddy Waters (Orion Remix)
Alex AQ – Stab Machine (Larix remix)
Cari Lekebusch, Orion – Miner
Vinicius Honorio – Dying Of The Light (Orion Remix)
Barbuto – Beartrap
Absent – Armani’s Ghost
Orion – Lone Light
Wex 10 – Aviation (Steve Shaden Remix)
Ben Sims – The Basics
Afrozoid & Hiero – Triple Fusion (Orion Remix)
Cari Lekebusch, Orion – Borderlands
P.E.A.R.L – Four Gates To One Place
Vinicius Honorio – Rainmaker

Orion – Live @ Dreams Festival 04.08.2019

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One hour of my own productions, co-productions & remixes only. Selected tracks from the past, some upcoming tunes and a couple of first test drives. Thanks a lot Dreams Festival for having me!

Orion – Berlin 61 (MTWAT)
Orion – Hitze 10967 (Absence of Facts)
Orion – Palop (Absence of Facts)
Orion – Visionary (Absence of Facts)
Cari Lekebusch & Orion – Nordic Merger (Absence of Facts)
Orion – Saerki ID (White)
Cari Lekebusch & Orion – Miner (Absence of Facts)
Orion – Tool617 (Trau-Ma)
Vinicius Honorio – Dying Of The Light (Orion remix) (Liberta)
Orion – Jack ID (White)
Cari Lekebusch & Orion – Hotline (H-Productions)
Orion – Stable ID (White)
Orion – July72 ID (White)
Vinicius Honorio – Muddy Waters (Orion remix) (Liberta)
Orion – Target ID (White)
Cari Lekebusch & Orion – Borderlands (Absence of Facts)
Orion – Loiste (Absence of Facts)


Beatport Downloader

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Beatport has released “Beatport Downloader“, a program which “allows you to download and organize your entire purchased music library with one click. No more incomplete or lost music, easily see the status of all your downloads. Organize your music like never before through the Downloader’s folder naming preferences. This feature allows for full control of how you store and search your music library.”

In a competition between the electronic music mp3 shops, Beatport has realized it’s not about the music you sell, it’s about how you sell it. Forget the dull newsletters, how reads them anyways. Innovative music marketing such as this Downloader or user-based news and blogging system Beatportal are just good examples how the music industry is about (and has) to change.
I’m happy to see that electronic music industry is one of the trend-setters in the business and isn’t afraid to try new ways of marketing.

Vinyl digitalizing: Grado DJ200

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The full entry of Vinyl Digitalizing can be found here. Please add the possible comments there.

Vinyl digitalizing is going well. After Audacity crashed a couple of times I’ve used Ableton Live for recording and normalizing the tracks. Last night I digitalized a nice amount of bootleg breaks from my collection.

The latest questionmark has been the Grado DJ200 cartridges and needles I bought. As I’ve mentioned, the sound quality of Grado is outstanding, but DJ Orkidea pointed out that the sound volume is somehow quiet. He had noticed that compared to the basic Stanton cartridges the volume of Grado is 2-4db more quiet. I tested the sound with Ortofon Pro and noticed 3db difference.

OK, you have a gain switch on your mixer, but the question remains: how much does the gaining affect the dynamics of the sound and the overall sound quality? Because when you gain the sound coming from the channel you also raise the amount of noise. Right?

On my last gig in Kalajoki I played one digitalized vinyl which sounded fine in the club environment, but I had to gain it quite a lot. I saw a way on Logic Pro to raise the volume level without causing any clipping which would be a perfect for this problem – I just wish there would be a way to make this as a batch.

Read more about vinyl digitalizing here and here.

Major bug on Ableton Live

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I don’t know if this bug is Apple related, but it sure is a nasty one.

Let’s suppose you’re recording something on Ableton Live via your line-in. You want to check the sound via your headphones and plug the headphone jack into the line-out of your computer.

What does Ableton Live do?

It cuts a short part off from your recording. It stops recording for a short moment when the jack is plugged in. And again when you pull it off. Basically you’ll have gaps on your recording each time you want to double-check its recording quality via headphones. Crazy, isn’t it.

Quote of the day: Tiefschwarz

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“Music has lost so much of its value since the Internet came along and file sharing in particular. I think the Internet is a good thing in that it’s very democratic so that a DJ in Siberia can have the same chart as someone in Berlin. But that also makes it harder to filter quality, it’s a question of finding the right filters and also how good you are, to stand out from all these millions of tracks out there.”

Tiefschwarz interview.

Way Out West tribute

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I hate mixes shared via ShareSpace, Megaupload, etc, but despite that – this one is really worth mentioning.
Simon Hallworth has made a nice Tribute to Way Out West. If you’re into WOW (not World of Warcraft. Get a life!), try downloading this one.
Tracklist and links after the jump.

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Pros and cons of mp3 shops

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Listing the pros and cons of mp3 shops

+ Very good RSS-feed. Direct links to mp3s, possibility for listening via feed reader, no need to visit the site. However – the feeds are impossible to find.
+ Keyboard shortcuts. However – rewinding and fast forwarding only work if the sample has fully loaded.
+ Very good podcast with one-click-purchase option (works on iTunes).
– No possibility to queue the tracks for listening. Needs constant attention. Wastes your time.

– Charts. Are there any?
– Default currency is pound.
– Who browses music alphabetically by labels, artists or albums? No one? Why to have these features on every page?
– Podcast – good idea. But Gareth Emery’s podcast – why?
+ You got rid of your awful music player with annoying swwwwooooosh flash animations.

– Player on external page. Nasty, evil feature. Get rid of it!
– Where’s your podcast?
+ Possibility to queue all the tracks for listening on certain pages.
+ Lowered their prices. Waiting for the call of the other shops…

Did I forget to mention something?

DRM on web streams

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Create Digital Music writes: Record Industry wants DRM (Digital Rights Management) on all internet radio to prevent and/or stop stream ripping of songs. Way to go.

I bet Teosto didn’t think about this when Yle Areena opened. Hey, Teosto, hot tip! It isn’t enough that Yle Areena doesn’t work abroad – there might be thousands of people in Finland ripping the on-demand material from your streams. Areena needs DRM. Today!

DJ Orion – From Rural to Urban

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Here’s a small package for making the holiday smoother, the sunshine hotter and the glass of wine tastier. It’s a 74min chill-out mix, music from artists like Planet Funk, Zero 7, Boards of Canada, Slowhill, Ulrich Schnauss, Banco De Gaia, Dousk, Groove Armada…

Planet Funk – Piano Piano
Zero7 – Look Up
Goya-Project – Klezmatic
Boards of Canada – Hey Saturday Sun
Ulrich Schnauss – Between Us And Them
Slowhill – Come Back As A Butterfly
Mosaik – Cumulus
Slowhill – Thursday
Mosaik – Noa Lake
Banco De Gaia – Sheesha
Trentemoller – Miss You
Ulrich Schnauss – Blumenwiese Neben Autobahn
Dousk – Anagram
Doris Days – To Ulrike M. (Zero7 remix)
+ Bonus track

>> Orion – From Rural to Urban

Underworld’s new album “Oblivion with Bells”

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Oblivion with Bells

Out October 2007

When Underworld released their last album “A Hundred Days off ” no one thought it would be nearly 2000 days until the next one arrived. It hasn’t been a case of lazing around in the Essex countryside though as the last 5 years have thrown up the 1992-2002 anthology album, two major film scores (Anthony Mingellas’ “Breaking and Entering” and Danny Boyles’ 2007 “Sunshine”), a self-published typographic journal “In The Belly of Saint Paul”, a series of pioneering digital-only releases, internet-radio broadcasts, a groundbreaking live web-tv broadcast and gig in partnership with Apple and Frankfurts’ techno giants Cocoon and countless gigs around the world.

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Oakie & orchestra

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Paul Oakenfold is set to spin with the backing of a full orchestra behind him. Oakie will be performing with the Boston Pops.
He’s supposed to perform a live remix of music by Los Angeles composer Felix Brenner with the Boston Pops accompanying the DJ by playing sections of the arrangement, Reuters reported.

Washington Post article.
Pasted also below.

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Desert Planetin uusin on USB muistitikku

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Pikseliavaruudessa seikkaileva DESERT PLANET -yhtye julkaisee Suomen
ensimmäisen itsenäisen musiikkijulkaisun USB-muistitikulla.
Puikko on japani-henkinen ja nimeltään “Aska-Osaka Virtual Highway”.
CD ja DVD-levyistä poiketen tikkua voi käyttää kahdella eri tavalla:
toisaalta tikku on multimediaa ja musiikkia sisältävä julkaisu
– toisaalta se toimii normaaalin USB muistitikun tapaan.

Puikolla vierailee japanilainen cyber punk kirjailija Kenji Siratori.
Siratorin visioihin voi tutustua

Uutta musiikkia voi ladata ja näytteitä multimediasta voi ihastella

Beatport RSS feeds

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Beatport RSS feeds

This feature has nearly doubled the amount of digital music I’m buying. It’s very useful, fast – and addictive.
Some guy has found a way to create rss feeds from latest Beatport releases. As I’m using Netvibes, it was easy to drop the feeds I want on my personal Netvibes and boom – now I’ll get the latest progressive, breaks, electro and house releases directly to my start page – in real time.
In order to listen to them, I don’t need to visit Beatport – Netvibes has a built-in podcast/media player, which works like a charm. If I find something worth buying I just click on the link and end up to the release site of Beatport.

Get the Beatport rss feeds and try it out.