1August 7, 2021Helsinki Kelluu - Helsinki
2August 13, 2021Open Air - XXX - Helsinki
3August 16, 2021Orion - TassyBit EP (R3volution Records) - RELEASE DATE
4August 28, 2021Rovaniemi TBA
5September 18, 2021You X - Suvilahti - Helsinki
6October 2, 2021Unelmien Sielunmessut III - Kallion Kirkko - Helsinki
7October 21, 2021Tampere - TBA
8October 28, 2021Basso Club - Oulu
9August 13, 2022Sonic Boom Festival - Estonia

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Starting in the early nineties from the warehouse raves of the industrial city of Tampere, stirring the Northern Finland electronic music scene for over five years, settling down in Helsinki in 2006 and living in Berlin 2011-2013, Orion is still one of the busiest and most relevant DJs in Finland.

Probably the most well known of his decade-long work on Finnish National Radio YleX, Orion hosts channel’s three hour Friday night every week. Next to his work as a DJ and event producer, Orion also runs his own Absence of Facts label.

No matter if it’s about performing live at a sold-out festival or a warehouse party, expanding the possibilities of DJing with the latest technological innovations, hosting an electronic music conference, playing at Ministry of Sound in London or clubs in USA, Germany, Greenland, Russia, Spain etc, headlining New Year’s party for 85000 people, 2000 people pool party or hosting live radio broadcasts from Berlin, after over 20 years in the business it’s all still happening and it’s all labour of love.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have people around me who haven’t been there for money and fame but for the love to music. I guess none of us ever believed how big things could get far in the Finnish outback and I can’t give enough credit to all those who have been supporting and helping with all the countless productions.”