Starting in the early nineties from the warehouse raves of the industrial city of Tampere, stirring the Northern Finland electronic music scene for over five years, settling down in Helsinki in 2006 and living in Berlin 2011-2013, Orion is still one of the busiest and most relevant DJs in Finland.

Probably the most well known of his decade-long work on Finnish National Radio YleX, Orion hosts channel’s three hour Friday night every week. Next to his work as a DJ and event producer, Orion also runs his own Absence of Facts label.

No matter if it’s about performing live at a sold-out festival or a warehouse party, expanding the possibilities of DJing with the latest technological innovations, hosting an electronic music conference, playing at Ministry of Sound in London or clubs in USA, Germany, Greenland, Russia, Spain etc, headlining New Year’s party for 85000 people, 2000 people pool party or hosting live radio broadcasts from Berlin, after over 20 years in the business it’s all still happening and it’s all labour of love.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have people around me who haven’t been there for money and fame but for the love to music. I guess none of us ever believed how big things could get far in the Finnish outback and I can’t give enough credit to all those who have been supporting and helping with all the countless productions.”

PRESS photos

Orion - 2018Orion - 2018DJ Orion 2016DJ Orion 2016 - rajattu


Orion (Techno)

Orion – Failure Educates (Absence of Facts)
Orion – Timid (Absence of Facts)
Orion – Loiste (Absence of Facts)
Cari Lekebusch, Orion – Foreign Shapes (digital)
Cari Lekebusch, Orion – Foreign Shapes (12″ transparent vinyl)
Orion – State Of Exception (Absence of Facts 2018)
Orion – Hitze 10967 (Absence of Facts 2018)
Orion – Under The Hood (Absence of Facts 2018)
Orion – Collective Guilt (Absence of Facts 2018)
Orion – Art of War / Eyes On It (Absence of Facts, 2018)
Orion – Palop (Absence of Facts, 2018)
Orion & Cari Lekebusch – Absence/Presence (Absence of Facts, Vinyl, 2017)
Orion – Forces of Nature EP (Absence of Facts, 2017)
Orion – Fact Pattern Two EP (Absence of Facts, 2017)
Orion – Fact Pattern One EP (Absence of Facts 2016)
Orion – Civil Disobedience (Rotraum 2016)
Orion & NIQW – Brrrrlin (Audiophile XXL 2016)
Orion – Tiefkraft (Scander 2016)
Orion – RDX (Tulipa Recordings 2016)
Orion – Atmospheric Pressure (Pentax 2016)
Orion – Voltage Controlled EP (The Black Moy, Enclave remixes) (Machine 2015)
Orion – Thousand Suns (Rotraum 2015)
Orion – Helsinki Falling Dark EP (Jerome Sydenham & Janne Tavi, Piatto, Tony Jaguar & Upi remixes) (Trapez 2015)
Orion – Whiskey Expo (Machine 2015)
Orion – Neutronselectrons (Machine 2015)
Deux Tigres – Cuts Through (Orion remix) (Free Download)
Pfirter & Chris Liebing – 420 (Orion remix) (Free Download)
Joni & Ukko – Awaku (Orion rework) (Free Download)
Orion – Lamentations EP (Hexil Creative 2014)
Orion – Tormented EP (Rotraum 2015)

Orion & J.Shore (Chill-out)
Gorm Sorensen – Untitled (Orion & J.Shore remix) (2015)
Orion & J.Shore – Girlhood (Bootleg) (2015)
Goldroom – Fifteen (Orion & J.Shore remix) (Silk Sofa 2015)
Orion & J.Shore – Brotherhood Remix EP #2 (Silk Sofa 2015)
Orion & J.Shore – Brotherhood Remix EP #1 (Silk Sofa 2014)
Maison & Dragen – Immortal Love (Orion & J.Shore remix) (Armada Chill 2015)
Björk – Hidden Place (Orion & J.Shore remix) (Free download)
Chris Coco – My Sunset (Orion & J.Shore remix) (Seamless Audio 2014)
Orkidea – Unity (Orion & J.Shore remix) (Solaris 2013)
Orion & J.Shore – Brotherhood – The Album (Silk Sofa 2011)
Orion & J.Shore – White Birds (Tom Fall & Heikki L remixes) (Silk Royal 2011)
Orion & J.Shore – Architect’s Dream (Owen Ear & Turismo remixes) (Silk Sofa 2011)
Orion & J.Shore – The Night After (Silk Digital 2011)
Orion & J.Shore – Goodbye Earth remix EP (Silk Sofa 2011)
London Elektricity – Just One Second (Orion & J.Shore remix) (White)
Orion & J.Shore – Architect’s Dream (Claes Rosen & Magnetic Bros rmxs) (Molecule)
Slusnik Luna – Sun 2011 (DJ Orion & J.Shore remix) (AnjunaBeats)
Mango, Orion, J.Shore – Raining In Osaka (Orion & J.Shore remix) (Silk Sofa)
DJ Orion & J.Shore – Goodbye Earth EP (Silk Sofa)
DJ Orion, Flight, K-System vs. Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight (White)
Mango, Orion, J.Shore – When All The Ships Are Gone (Mango Alley)
Ralphie B – Massive (DJ Orion & J.Shore remix) (White)
DJ Orion & J.Shore – Brotherhood (Lost Language) (listen Brotherhood on Spotify)
Coldplay – Viva La Vida (Flight & Jontey meet DJ Orion bootleg) (White) (Video)
Mango, Orion, J.Shore – Raining In Osaka (Mango Alley Recordings)
DJ Orion – One Sunday (Solaris Recordings) (listen One Sunday on Spotify)

Compilations & mixes
Gecko Beach Club Formentera Vol. 3 (Seamless Recordings 2014)
Armada Chill 002 (Armada Chill 2015)
Glass Coffee (Klik 2013)
Orion & J.Shore – IsolatedMix 35
Solarstone – Electronic Architecture 2 (Solaris)
Whiteout – The Official Compilation (mixed by Orion & Lovetone) (AXR 2012)


31.12.2019 12:00 AM - 01.01.2020 12:00 AM
The Circus, Helsinki
Ääniwalli TBA
Private, TBC
Kontro UG - Kuopio
Jysäri Spring Break, Silja Europa
Helsinki, TBA
Vinicius Honorio & Orion - Sao Paolo [Planet Rhythm] - release date




“Now on its seventh release. Vinicius Honorio‘s Liberta Records next release shines a light on Finnish producer and radio host Orion with a two-track remix package.

Heading up his Absence of Facts imprint. Orion is a multi-faceted artist who balances his time producing, DJing and promoting his own events in Helsinki. A well-known face on the Finnish electronic music circuit, Orion has previously collaborated with Cari Lekebusch on Absence of Facts and H-Productions. He has also had solo productions on Trapez and Different is Different Records. With a sound that touches on dark and trippy techno, Orion brings a twist to Honorio’s tracks.

Our premiere Orion’s remix of ‘Dying of The Light’ opens the release with a menacing lead. A stripped-back track with a rumbling low-end, it’s a prowling mutation of the original, showing Orion’s capability to change up Honorio’s version into something more shadowy.

Orion’s second remix in the release ‘Muddy Waters’ couldn’t hold a more appropriate title. Both remixes are out on Liberta Records, whch illustrate his robust sound to a tee.”

Check it out below and pre-order link: