Vinyl digitalizing: Grado DJ200

By August 23, 2007 No Comments

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Vinyl digitalizing is going well. After Audacity crashed a couple of times I’ve used Ableton Live for recording and normalizing the tracks. Last night I digitalized a nice amount of bootleg breaks from my collection.

The latest questionmark has been the Grado DJ200 cartridges and needles I bought. As I’ve mentioned, the sound quality of Grado is outstanding, but DJ Orkidea pointed out that the sound volume is somehow quiet. He had noticed that compared to the basic Stanton cartridges the volume of Grado is 2-4db more quiet. I tested the sound with Ortofon Pro and noticed 3db difference.

OK, you have a gain switch on your mixer, but the question remains: how much does the gaining affect the dynamics of the sound and the overall sound quality? Because when you gain the sound coming from the channel you also raise the amount of noise. Right?

On my last gig in Kalajoki I played one digitalized vinyl which sounded fine in the club environment, but I had to gain it quite a lot. I saw a way on Logic Pro to raise the volume level without causing any clipping which would be a perfect for this problem – I just wish there would be a way to make this as a batch.

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