Thank You Turku & Diiva UG!

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Late but heartly thank-yous to Turku party people and Diiva UG -posse for making a 3 year birthday party worth remembering and giving me a possibility of being there. The night was fantastic, the cellar absolutely one of the most intimate and friendly venues I’ve witnessed in Finland and Lank and Vertigo very warm and professional hosts with a great music taste. The guys are going to play in Oulu in a month or so, make sure to check them out if you’re in the area. Also thumbs up to Niska who played a rocking warm-up set with a good electro vibe. Very nice guy and a talent to keep an eye on.

I started my Diiva UG set with a bit more progressive and melodic sound which obviously wasn’t the hottest stuff for the cellar-like surroundings and I turned after a track or two to slightly more technoish and rough sound which seemed to be the thing. The crowd was on a birthday party mood and if you could see something through the enormous amount of smoke, they were smiles :) The tracks of the night would be Quivver – Surin (Lutzenkirchen remix), Freeflow 45 – PeakTime and Dennis Sheperd – Infinity. Thank You Turku & Diiva UG!

YleX – Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 13.05.2008

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YleX – Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 13.05.2008
“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”
-Victor Hugo

01. Mirco De Govia – Fragile Symmetry (Euphonic)
02. The Attic – Flash In The Night (Henrik B remix) (Joia)
03. Miika Kuisma & OlliS – Green Lane (SubTraxx)
04. Jay Lumen – Calypso (AnjunaDeep)
05. Unknown – Untitled (Sami Saari remix) (White Label)
06. Ivan Spell – No Way Back (Baroque Limited)
07. Mark0 – Air (Jaytech remix) (D4Dirty Records)
08. Jay Lamar – Prestige (Add2Basket)
09. Mind X – Sensation Seekers (Martin Roth NuStyle remix) (Sirup)
10. Orli & Martie – White Flower (Jerome Isma-ae remix) (Kosmo)
11. Mirco De Govia – Catching Light (Euphonic)
12. Markus Schulz – Perfect (Jerome Isma-ae remix) (Coldharbour)
13. Faithless – Salva Mea (Sister Bliss remix) (Cheeky)

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta links 13.05.2008
Download: Ian Pooley – My Thing
Review – Portishead – Third
How trance works ( blog)
The month in techno
Can The “Long Tail” Save Music?
Madonna interview – Making Hard Candy
Hard Candy review
Tristram Cary is dead.
Mixmag claims ‘indie rock is dead’
Beatport Awards 2008 winners
Tiesto Announces Release of In Search of Sunrise 7: ‘Asia’
Nine Inch Nails’ new record available for free

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Above & Beyond, 10.5.2008, Studio51, Helsinki

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Clinic presents Anjunabeats 100 Album Tour with ABOVE & BEYOND, 10.5.2008, Studio51, Helsinki

AnjunaBeats100 tour hits Helsinki this Saturday headlining Above&Beyond with a two hour set. I’ll be warming up the main floor for two hours 21:00-23:00, after which our beloved AnjunaBeats artist Joonas Hahmo will present his Sound of Saturday. After the main act DJ Poliisi finishes the night with some psy-trancey moods.
The second room will be hosted by Flinkki, Coma, Paul Easy and Nenna & Reb.

There’s also an afterparty available for those who couldn’t get enough. Clinic “intensive care” Afterparty takes place at 05:00 in Rose Garden, offering sounds from Easy Coma, Grin & Node, Milla Lehto and me.

More information available at Clinic website.

Ascension – Echoes of Angels, Velvet Club, Lahti

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ASCENSION - Echoes of Angels 30.4.2008 @ Lahti

ASCENSION – Echoes of Angels

Wednesday 30.4.2008, 21 – 04, K18, 7€ @ Velvet Club / Lahti

ORION – Misc. Management, Ylex, Helsinki
DIFFAS – Millennium, Rad
NIKLAS N – Etana, Cowbell
ZONEX – Etana, Rad

Enjoy your vappu, wherever you rave :)

YleX – Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 29.04.2008

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YleX – Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 29.04.2008
“Without music life would be a mistake.”

01. Chris Barratt – Philharmonique (Suesse)
02. Cream Sound – Always (Mango remix) (Carica)
03. Jaytech, Matt Rowan – Spin Cycle (Olivier Giacomotto remix) (Curvve)
04. Liluca – Naam (Paul Keeley remix) (Discoteca)
*** Above & Beyond interview
05. Unknown – Untitled (White Label)
06. Santerna, Yamin – 977 Miles (Probspot remix) (RealDeep)
07. Montero – Paradisco (Flow Vinyl)
08. Noel Sanger – Natural Perfection (Manuel De La Mare I Am Blonde mix) (Dissident)
09. Oceanlab – Sirens of the Sea (Above & Beyond Club mix) (AnjunaBeats)

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta -kilpailu 29.04.2008
Tiistain tanssi-illan skabassa on tarjolla todellinen elektronisen tanssimusiikin jättipotti.
Palkintopaketti sisältää kevään kovista kotimaisista julkaisuista DJ Orkidean nimmaroidun Metaverse-levyn ja Jori Hulkkosen vain Suomessa cd:nä julkaistun Errare Machinale Est -albumin, sekä Anjunabeats 100 – tuplakokoelman, jolta löytyy myös useampia kotimaisia raitoja.
Voit korjata kotiin koko potin vastaamalla oikein kaikkiin kolmeen kysymykseen!
Vastausaika päättyy sunnuntaina 4.5.08 klo 24.
Osallistu kilpailuun.

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta links 29.04.2008
Tiistain Tanssi-illan musaskaba – voita kolme levyä musiikkia.
Tiësto announces residency at privilege, Ibiza
Finnish set to invade Berlin
Go Magazine – John Digweed article
Deadmau5 video interview
Mixmag 25 years
Mixmag YouTube channel

Listen Tiistain Tanssi-ilta again on YleX Areena (works in Finland only):

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Tiistain Tanssi-ilta @ IRC-GALLERIA
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Tiistain Tanssi-ilta @ YLEX

Metaverse – The Movie (+ statistics)

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The two minute epic blockbuster is here!
Laughter and smiles, funniest moments, biggest crowds, pretty girls & muscular boys, DJs, dancers, promoters and hangarounds. All this and much more in Metaverse Tour – The Movie.
Now in the YouTheater near you.

Better quality version.

I wrote earlier about my feelings of the past two months (and two years) which are now happily lost in Metaverse. But to get more serious (not too serious, though;), here are some statistics from the tour.


– 10 events
– 11 050 party people
– 822 guestlisted names
– 2311 albums sold
– 127 signed autographs
– 1 autograph signed on a mans butt cheek
– 66 hours of music
– 10 live sets
– 50 DJ sets
– 530 640 kick drum beats

– 9987 travelled kilometers
– 1296 euros worth of train tickets
– 1 tour group lost in Lapland

– 19 hotel rooms
– 1 Pay TV bill

– 4980 Metaverse emails

– 12 117 visitors on
– 99 918 page views

– 3450 recorded video clips
– 36 uploaded Youtube videos
– 41 317 Youtube views times and growing
– 234 photos uploaded to

– DJ Orkidea Facebook group 1199 members and growing
– DJ Orkidea IRC-gallery group 1462 members and growing
– 3 571 event Invitations sent in Facebook
– 3 300 viewers on Kaivohuone album release event live web stream

Above&Beyond-haastattelu Tiistain Tanssi-illassa

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DJ Orion @ Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 29.04.2008
“Without music life would be a mistake.”

29.4.2008 YleX:n Tiistain Tanssi-illan ensimmäisellä tunnilla kuullaan brittiläisen Above&Beyondin haastattelu. Above&Beyond on tämän hetken trance-skenen ykkösnimiä ja maailmanlaajuisesti kysytyimpiä artisteja AnjunaBeats 100 -kokoelma-albumin ilmestymisen myötä. Above&Beyond ottaa kantaa trancen tulevaisuuteen sekä paljon puhuttuun Suomi-soundiin ja muistelee omia remix-kokemuksiaan mm. Britney Spearsin ja Madonnan kanssa.

Haastattelun yhteydessä tulossa myös ensimmäinen Tiistain Tanssi-ilta -skaba tälle vuodelle. Yhdelle kolmeen kysymykseen oikein vastanneelle lähtee himmeä levypaketti tuoretta elektronista musiikkia: Uusi Jori Hulkkosen Errare Machinale Est -albumi, DJ Orkidean Metaverse-albumi nimmareilla ja illan teeman mukaisesti AnjunaBeats 100 -tuplakokkari.

Musapuolella ekalla tunnilla Mango, Chris Barratt, Jaytech, Noel Sanger, Oceanlab ja uutislinkeissä Mixmag, Tiesto, Deadmau5, John Digweed.

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta YleX:llä 29.4.2008 klo 21-24.

Photo by Jan Jernmark.

Metaverse over and out.

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Metaverse - DJ Orkidea Album Release Tour, 2008, front

What a year it has been.

The first ideas of Orkidea’s album release tour were discussed about two years ago between Orkidea and Asaf and the first meetings were held one year ago. After countless emails, discussions, meetings and cups of coffee (and some hard work, too) DJ Orkidea, Misc. Management & Universal Music launched the Metaverse album and the tour in the end of February, 2008.

Yesterday’s sold-out Laserpoint event was the last one of the Metaverse related events and a perfect ending for the tour. The production was top-notch and the atmosphere simply breath-taking. All the respect to Lauri & the Laserpoint possé. (Some Laserpoint on-site interviews available on the voice blogs of Orkidea and me)

Personally the past months have been the most exciting and productive during my whole music career. Organizing the tour has been very busy and extremely stressy, but with the Misc. boys Oded and Asaf and our main man Tapsa we’ve formed a great team sharing all the good and the bad. I could get really emotional about this, but let’s just say they’re 100% professionals with a humble attitude and love for music and life. It’s been a privilege working, learning and sharing the music with people like them.

Also all the sincere thank-yous to all the Metaverse co-promoters, San Mejor, Ismo, Kalle, Jussi, Seb, Flight, Beliar, Exxa & DJShop, Jykä, Miska, Zonex, Ton-E, Toni, Syna & Fiksaatio-possé not to forget thousands of music lovers all over Finland who made the tour worth touring. Share the love :)

Now the tour has ended, but there’s still a lot to do. During the next week I’ll be working on the Metaverse Laserpoint video and the final Metaverse Tour video compilation which compresses the best tour moments to less than two minutes. We will also publish some Metaverse statistics at the same time.

Also, Misc. Management artist roster will see some changes in the near future. We will have a very talented and promising Finnish artist joining the team plus a popular, nice and cool world-class DJ, whose Baltic and Scandinavian performances we will take care of from now on. Exciting times ahead.


Juska / Orion

YleX – Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 15.04.2008

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YleX – Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 15.04.2008
“Nothing can replace the uplifting feeling you get of just being there”
-Jeff Mills

01. Lamb – Gorecki (Unknown remix) (White)
02. Opencloud, Kirsty Hawkshaw – Time Stand Still (Royal Sapien Event Horizon remix) (Proton)
03. Bedrock – Emerald (Grayarea remix) (Bedrock)
04. Miika Kuisma & OlliS – Green Lane (CDr)
05. Oceanlab – Sirens Of The Sea (Sonorous remix) (Anjunabeats)
06. Mango – Handelskai (Claes Rosen remix) (Tilth)
07. Electrobios, Interplay – With You (AnjunaDeep)
08. Eddie Williams – Gestation (Part 2) (Pilot 6)
09. Dennis Sheperd – Infinity (Method)
10. Plump DJs – Torque Of The Devil (Finger Lickin’)
11. Gareth Emery – This Is That (Five AM)
12. Darude – In The Darkness (Mike Shiver’s Catching Sun Dub) (BMG)
13. Oceanlab – Sirens Of The Sea (Above & Beyond Club Mix) (Anjunabeats)

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta links 15.04.2008
Apple now #1 music retailer in the US
MySpacen musiikkipalvelusta odotetaan iTunesin tappajaa
Fred Falke interview
Another Justice interview
Max Graham teams up with Armada Music
Will former Google exec help save the music industry?
Gabriel & Dresden split up.

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DJ Orion – From Rural To Urban #4

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Artificial Northern Lights

DJ Orion – From Rural To Urban #4

One hour chill-out session. The first parts available on the podcast or on the Downloads site.

01. Nightmares On Wax – You Wish (Warp)
02. Jan von Grafenstein – Luun (Test Tube)
03. A Reminiscent Drive – Ambrosia (F Communications)
04. Ilya Malyuev – Sad Little Smile (Arctic Wave)
05. Julian Petrin – Embrace (Abstrait Music)
06. Sleepy Town Manufacture – Tokyo Doesn’t Love Us Anymore (Sutemos)
07. Digitalis – Transform (Thinner)
08. Marc Mitchell – Galerie Paris (Innersense)
09. Bennson – Oceans & Whispers (Equatorial Records)
10. Hans Zimmer – Light (RCA)
11. Hybrid – Lights Go Down, Knives Come Out (Distinctive)
12. Moby – Memory Gospel (Mute)
13. + Bonus Track

>> Download

Voice Blog / Ääniblogi

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Uutena featurena tähän blogiin on muutama päivä sitten startattu äänimerkintä-feature eli ääniblogi. Perusblogin pääsivun oikeaan laitaan on lisätty ääniblogille tarkoitettu alue, jonka laatikossa näkyy viisi viimeisintä ääniblogimerkintää ja viimeisimmät merkinnät voi helposti tunnistaa päivämäärämerkinnöistä.

Ääniblogi toimii yhteistyössä IRC-gallerian kanssa, mutta merkintöjen kuunteleminen ei vaadi palveluun rekisteröitymistä. Kuten ensimmäisessä ääniblogimerkinnässä mainitaankin, sisältöä tullaan lisäämään lähipäivinä lyhyiden exclusive-haastisten ja pienten raporttien muodossa keikoilta, jatkoilta, studioista ja ylipäätään musan ääreltä.

This blog entry is about the Voice Blog, which runs only in Finnish.

Danceteria this Friday

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Danceteria 4.4.2008 @ DTM, Helsinki


1st Floor:

• MR.A •
• JUJU •



2nd Floor:


• WHEN: FRIDAY, 04.04.2007
• TICKETS: 10€ (inc.cloackroom)

YleX – Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 01.04.2008

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YleX Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 01.04.2008 – Rightfield.

01. Ricardo Villalobos – Enfants (Chants) (Sei Es Drum)
02. Pagano – My Religion (Andy Allder Balearic Mix) (Iberican Records)
03. Leftfield – Melt (Cid Inc remix) (CDr)
04. Cass & Slide – Perception (Additive)
05. Chris Reece – Hallow (Hallow Fame Dub) (Electric Candy)
06. Tranquility Base, Above&Beyond – Surrender (Joonas Hahmo remix) (Anjunabeats)
07. Eric Prydz – Pjanoo (Pryda)
08. Dennis Sheperd – Infinity (Method)
09. Jon Rundell – Our Floor (Vandit)
10. Tempo Giusto vs Jace – Pure & Sweet (Pasi Korhonen remix) (Finity)
11. Midway – Monkey Forest (Danilo Ercole remix) (In Trance We Trust)

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta links 01.04.2008
Steve Bug interview
Jean Michel Jarre – Comfortably numb with electronica veteran
Jean Michel Jarre – blog
Winds of climate change – International DJs and Carbon Footprint
R&S to release digital backcatalogue
Turnmills closing
Solarstone ‘Rain Stars Eternal’
The story of Acid Junkies
120 Years of Electronic Music – Electronic Musical Instruments 1870 – 1990
Music marketing in the digital age
Sony BMG aikoo myydä musiikkia kuukausimaksulla
Warner ehdottaa musiikkiveroa nettikäyttäjille
Sony BMG aloittaa ilmaisen dj-promojakelun
Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape TV

Listen Tiistain Tanssi-ilta again on YleX Areena (works in Finland only):

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta @ KLUBITUS
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DJ Orion – Tech This Out tracklist

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DJ Orion @ Tech This Out, Rose Garden
28.03.2008 – 01:15-02:30

01. Ricardo Villalobos – Chants
02. Stan Kolev – Breakout (James Harcourt remix)
03. Jona – Amon
04. Green Velvet – Destination Unknown
05. Ida Engberg – ID
06. Lush 7 – Unwind (Lutzenkirchen remix)
07. Komytea – Soldiers of Karkadu
08. Leftfield – Melt (Cid Inc remix)
09. Daniel Portman – Essence
10. Dennis Sheperd – Infinity
11. Komytea – Lost In Kioto
12. Kissy Sell Out – Get Busy Tropicana (The Wham remix)
13. Human Resource – Dominator (remix)
14. Jaksaw – Get Some
15. ZZT – Lower State Of Conciousness (Justice remix)
16. Justice – Phantom (Part II Soulwax remix)

Orion’s Top Choices 21.03.2008

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DJ Orion’s Top Choices 21.03.2008

01. Villalobos – Enfants (Chants)
02. Leftfield – Melt (Cid Inc remix)
03. JS23 – Stomp To My Boot
04. Pryda – Pjanoo
05. DJ Orkidea – Metaverse (Jody Wisternoff remix)
06. Sebastien Leger, Chris Lake – Ghost
07. Cid Inc – I See you
08. Quivver – Surin (Lutzenkirchen remix)
09. Stan Kolev – Breakout (James Harcourt remix)
10. DJ Orkidea & David West – God’s Garden

Korg Zero4 review

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The official tour mixer of Metaverse Album Release Tour is Korg Zero4. After a couple of gig experiences with the device, here’s a short review including the pros and cons mainly from the DJ’s point of view. DJ Orkidea has been using the mixer on the Tour for live gigs only, I’m sure we can read a full live performance review later on his website.

OK, the pros first.

+ The EQ system is very good. You can adjust the EQs – use them as different filters, isolators or normal EQs. As normal EQ the touch is very similar to Pioneer’s. If you’re used to DJM-600/800, you won’t notice much difference.

+ All the knobs are illuminated. It doesn’t only look cool but it’s big part of the experience. You never need to guess your mixer settings, even when the club is totally dark. Let this become a standard of all DJ mixers.

+ The master effect channel is different from Pioneer’s, but much better. X and Y settings on each effect and channel-like strenght/volume slider is very easy to use and the user interface is fast to learn. Pre-listening of the effect is as easy as it gets and choosing the effect just goes very intuitively. Loop sampling and running FXs on it is a thing you just never get bored with.

+ And all this is just the Master FX. You can still run effects independently for each channel and adjust the effects from the knobs placed next to the EQ. I didn’t try this out too much, but you can really have cool combinations with channel and master FXs together. The real difference with DJM-600/800 is that the effects on those are mainly annoying and add-ons for the played music when the Korg effects are mainly designed for (live) jamming and creating new soundscapes, loops and re-designing your music.

What about the cons, then? There are small things which I found not that attractive, which hopefully will be re-thought in the future.

– Booth volume is next to the Master volume. Same size knob, same colour. I’m happy it never happened to me while playing (even though I’m turning the Booth Vol knob on and off all the time) that I accidentally would boost Master Vol with 70%, but it really annoys me to worry about that when playing.

– Cue level isn’t loud enough, even when it’s max. I’m not deaf, my hearing is still 100% (lucky me:) and on live playing situations the Cue Vol on Pioneer is normally at 9 or 10 o’clock. Last weekend, when playing in Joensuu, the Cue Vol was all the time on max and I still had to boost the channel EQs to hear the track properly.

– I would love to see the places of Pan and Gain knobs changed. All you people used to play with Pioneer know why.

– The mixer has firewire input which works like charm (Orkidea can tell more about this). But when you plug in your firewire cable, it somehow resets the mixer, gives a short black-out and breaks the music for two seconds. You can guess our reactions when we experienced this for the first time on the live situation in Rovaniemi…

Anyway, the mixer is great and has very big potential of becoming a standard device on the clubs. If you have any questions concerning the user experience, feel free to ask.

Here are still a couple of links:
Full-res image of Korg Zero4
Official Korg Zero4 site
Korg Zero4 on Flickr
Korg Zero4 on Youtube

YleX – Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 18.03.2008

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YleX Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 18.03.2008 – Something Good.

01. Atlantis Ita – See You in the Next Life (Beetseekers remix) (CDr)
02. Studio Apartment – I’m In Love (Rasmus Faber Epic Instrumental) (King Street Sounds)
03. DJ Orkidea – Metaverse (Jody Wisternoff remix) (Ava)
04. Quivver – Surin (Lutzenkirchen remix) (BozBoz)
05. Cid Inc – I See You (CDr)
06. Sebastien Leger & Chris Lake – Ghost (Rising Music)
07. Timo Garcia & Ricky Stone – Uncle Fly (Laurent Pepper remix) (Berwick Street)
08. Eric Prydz – Pjanoo (Pryda)
09. Paradise Soul – Wake Up (Redanka’s Wide Awake remix) (Kinky)
10. Dinka – Chemistry (Unreleased Digital)
11. Tempo Giusto vs. Jace – Pure & Sweet (Pasi Korhonen remix) (Finity)
12. DJ Orkidea – Streching Time (Syna remix) (Ava)
13. Utah Saints – Something Good (FFRR)

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta links 18.03.2008
Air to release rarities
Finity Recordings
Pasi Korhonen
NIN – Ghosts-albumi
Something Good 2008
Something Good 1992

Listen Tiistain Tanssi-ilta again on YleX Areena (works in Finland only):

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta @ KLUBITUS
Tiistain Tanssi-ilta @ IRC-GALLERIA
Tiistain Tanssi-ilta @ FACEBOOK

YleX – Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 18.03.2008 preview

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Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 18.03.2008 – Something Good.

Tämän viikon TTI:n ekalla tunnilla tuoretta Suomi-soundia: Orkidea, Cid Inc, Pasi Korhonen, Beetseekers, Syna sekä tiukimmat progehouse/trance-poiminnat viime viikoilta parilla klassikkoraidalla maustettuna.

Kiitokset myös parin viikon takaisen shown äänivyörystä – äänestystulokset ovat nähtävillä täällä:

Tuttuun tapaan ekan tunnin tracklist, biisiäänestys ja linkit näkyvillä heti klo 22:00 täällä.


21:00 DJ Orion
22:00 Leena Lehtinen
23:00 Infekto

Music promoters or criminals?

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Excerpt from Gareth Emery’s latest podcast email:

// Note to labels.

The Gareth Emery Podcast is committed to legitimate dance music sales, which is why we only only play previews of new tracks (typically less than half the running time) – considerably less than would be played in a downloadable DJ mix.

Furthermore, due to our affiliation, we ensure that when listeners like what they hear, buying the full track couldn’t be easier.

The question is, why does Gareth’s podcast crew need to write something like that? Have some labels really been stupid enough to threat or even sue a medium which has such an influence on electronic music sales?

I’m waiting for the times when labels and copyright organizations don’t see DJing, podcasting and mixtapes as a threat and loss of income but a HUGE potential for increasing their music sales.

I’m having my 10th anniversary of DJing this year and after all these years of buying and playing the music I really would love to be proud when I’m promoting marginal electronic music rather than being afraid of getting sued because of it.