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I hate mixes shared via ShareSpace, Megaupload, etc, but despite that – this one is really worth mentioning.
Simon Hallworth has made a nice Tribute to Way Out West. If you’re into WOW (not World of Warcraft. Get a life!), try downloading this one.
Tracklist and links after the jump.

Simon Hallworth – A Tribute to Way Out West


01. Sasha – Magic (Way Out West Mix)
02. BCML – Mr Horowitz (Way Out West Mix)
03. Antony White – Love Me Tonight (Way Out West Mix)
04. Dubstar – Not So Manic Now (Way Out West Remix)
05. Harmonix – Landslide (Way Out West Mix)
06. Way Out West – Motherf**ker
07. Republica – Bitch (Way Out West Remix)
08. Atlas – Compass Error (Way Out West Mix)
09. Way Out West – Secret
10. U.N.K.L.E. – Reign (Way Out West Instrumental Mix)
11. Way Out West – Don’t Forget Me (Way Out West Dustbiter Mix)
12. Sunscreem – Perfect Motion (Way Out West Remix)
13. JX – There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (Way Out West Remix)
14. Way Out West – Intensify Part 1
15. Hybrid & Julee Cruise – If I Survive (Way Out West Remix)
16. Saint Etienne – Angel (Way Out West Remix)
17. Ultraviolet – Heaven (Way Out West Remix)
18. DJ Tiësto – Suburban Train [Way out West Remix)
19. Way out West – UB Devoid
20. Way out West – Sequoia
21. Luminaire – Flower Duet (Way out West Remix)
22. Lost Witness – Happiness Happening (Way out West Mix)
23. Way out West – The Fall
24. Way out West – Dancehall Tornado
25. Way out West – Apollo
26. Way out West – The Gift
27. Way out West – Melt (Beatless Instrumental)
28. Faithless – Salva Mea (Way Out West Remix)
29. Way Out West – Anything But You (Instrumental)
30. Lustral – Broken (Way Out West remix)
31. Way Out West – Mindcircus
32. Way Out West – Domination
33. Lucky Monkeys – Bjango (Way Out West Bjangin Remix)
34. James holden – Horizons (Way Out West Remix)
35. Lucky Monkeys – Bjango (Way Out West Bjangin Dub)
36. Lustral – Everytime (WOW’s Sunrise Mix)
37. Way Out West – Montana (Lakota Mix)
38. Inner City – Good Life (Way Out West Vocal)
39. BT – Paris (Way Out West Mix)

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