Beatport RSS feeds

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Beatport RSS feeds

This feature has nearly doubled the amount of digital music I’m buying. It’s very useful, fast – and addictive.
Some guy has found a way to create rss feeds from latest Beatport releases. As I’m using Netvibes, it was easy to drop the feeds I want on my personal Netvibes and boom – now I’ll get the latest progressive, breaks, electro and house releases directly to my start page – in real time.
In order to listen to them, I don’t need to visit Beatport – Netvibes has a built-in podcast/media player, which works like a charm. If I find something worth buying I just click on the link and end up to the release site of Beatport.

Get the Beatport rss feeds and try it out.

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  • Jasmo says:

    Oho, onpa saakelin komee systeemi.

  • Putte says:

    Todella kätevä systeemi :)

    Junon RSS-feedien kanssa tullut joskus aikaisemmin pelattua, mutta Beatportista kun tulee itse suurin osa musiikista ostettua, niin tämä on kyllä todella mainion oloinen systeemi :)

  • jaz303 says:

    Hassua, Junodigitalin nimeen kun olen itsekin vannonut. Beatportissa rasittaa tuo flashin käyttö ja hinnatkin korkeammat.. tosin sehän on vaivana kaikissa teknon digikaupoissa.

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