New Order hajosi

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Brittiläinen syntikkapop-yhtye New Order -yhtye on hajonnut. Asiasta kertoi yhtyeen basisti Peter Hook, joka työstää parhaillaan uutta projektiaan yhdessä Jane´s Addiction -yhtyeen keulahahmo Perry Farrellin kanssa.

– Perry soitti minulle ja pyysi minua soittamaan bassoa, sillä hän oli kuullut New Orderin hajoamisesta. Minä ja Bernard emme siis tee enää yhteistyötä, Hook vahvisti hajoamisen xFM -radioaseman haastattelussa.

Hook syyttää yhtyeen hajoamisesta Bernard Sumneria, joka on viihtynyt yhä enemmän danceyhtye Electronicin riveissä.

New Order on yksi brittiläisen konemusiikin suurimmista nimistä. Yhtye muodostui Joy Division -yhtyeestä sen jälkeen, kun bändin keulahahmo Ian Curtis teki itsemurhan. Joy Division -yhtyeen taustoja valotetaan esimerkiksi elokuvassa 24 Party People.

New Orderin läpimurtohitti oli vuonna 1983 julkaistu Blue Monday, ja yhtye vahvisti asemansa vuonna 1987 julkaistulla True Faith -hitillään. Molemmat kappaleet ovat muodostuneet konemusiikin klassikoiksi.

Thanks for the tip, Kaasi.


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During my days in lovely Escanda, I met Becky. Becky is a violinist, who has toured all over the globe with and without the violin and with and without rock bands and other artists. Truly lovely and wonderful person.

I came by her Myspace and listened some of her tracks. Incredible stuff, really fabulous strings – they remind me of the strings artists like Hybrid or BT tend to have on their tracks. Check it >

Little by little…

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Apple starts to sell DRM free music on iTunes.

“EMI and iTunes are once again teaming up to move the digital music industry forward by giving music fans higher quality audio that is virtually indistinguishable from the original recordings, with no usage restrictions on the music they love from their favorite artists,” said Eric Nicoli, CEO of EMI Group.


iTunes will also offer customers a simple, one-click option to easily upgrade their entire library of all previously purchased EMI content to the higher quality DRM-free format for 30 cents a song. All EMI music videos will also be available in DRM-free format with no change in price.

Little by little music corporations are starting to find out that the best media publicity comes by serving their customers. That must be such a surprise… ;)

Quote: Jimmy van M

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Jimmy van M interview.

“My definition of progressive is music that you don’t know why but it always makes you feel good in a certain way. I think that’s happening in a lot of music right now. To me, that’s all progressive music. It doesn’t have to be arpeggiated synths with a droned out bassline.”

“I think a good DJ is someone who can play the same records that everyone else has in a way that no one else will. At the end of the day it’s about creating that moment with a certain record that characterises you. Only certain people can do it.”

Free LSG album

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Oliver Lieb shares free an unreleased LSG album. If you loved the old LSG stuff, I bet you won’t regret downloading this one. It’s a chilly and relaxing album.

As Oliver puts it, “This is more a tribute and a big thank you to the fans of the LSG project and – at least for me now – a way to close the door to this project and focus even more on what i am doing now.”

>> LSG – The Unreleased Album

News for week 6

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Wednesday 7.2.
Orion’s two hour set at Supercool, Uniq, Helsinki. A warmup set (22:00-00:00) for Estonian DJ Dhagor.

Thursday 8.2.
Opening the website for Jack at

Friday 9.2.
Jack – the Grand Reopening at Kuudes Linja, Helsinki.
Also the premiere of the automatic JACKbooth, of which I wrote earlier. The photos taken in the booth will be automatically presented as a slideshow at in real time.

Saturday 9.2.
Another round on Laserpoint radio. 21.00-22:00 (+02CET).


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Apo ruotii näppärästi forumeilla tekijänoikeusjärjestöjen toimintaa.

… kuvio menee aika huvittavaksi jos otetaan skenaario missä dj ostaa verkosta mp3:n ja imuttaa sen kovalevylleen, polttaa sen kaupasta ostetulle cd:lle ja soittaa radio-ohjelmassa jota kuunnellaan takseissa, kahviloissa tai kampaamoissa.

1. Kovalevyistä menee korvaus tekijänoikeusjärjestöille
2. Mp3sesta menee korvaus tekijälle, levymerkille ja verkkokaupalle
3. Kaupasta ostetusta cd:stä menee korvaus tekijänoikeusjärjestöille
4. CD-polttimesta maksetaan korvaus tekijänoikeusjärjestöille
5. CD:lle polttamisesta maksetaan mekanisointimaksu tekijänoikeusjärjestöille
6. Radioasemat maksavat könttäsumman tekijänoikeusjärjestöille
7. Radiolähetystä vastaanottavat ammattinharjoittajat (jonka asiakkaat kuulevat musiikin) maksavat tekijänoikeusjärjestöille

Tekijänoikeusjärjestöt tilittävät rahaa jollain kriteerillä valitsemaansa suuntaan, mutta ottavat sitä ennen hallinnointikulut itselleen.

Onko edellämainitussa oikeasti mitään järkeä?

Let’s make more noise.

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I’ve been thinking of this a lot lately. After reading Moby’s blog I’ve noticed that there are just a huge amount of readers, all around the world. If you still add those who read the same posts from his MySpace blog, the actual amount of readers is vast.

Now, Moby has lots of opinions and he’s not afraid to tell them. Actually, his provocative way of writing makes people both angry and supportive. The blog entries create different emotions which might even cause actions. And if Moby’s writings cause actions, they work.

The more popular electronic music has become, the more I’ve been thinking why don’t clubs, organizations and DJs more openly stand behind certain values such as freedom of speech, environmental issues and anti-war movements? After all, the more popular the club or the DJ is, the more weight their opinions have.

Nowadays saying no to oil industry, being openly interested in climate change or supporting Amnesty, Greenpeace or other similar organizations is simply mediasexy. And I guess less people would dare to ask for a free entry to a club which would give part of their ticket price to support electric cars or prevent climate change – for example.

Ian Ossia visited Finland last weekend. Great gig, great music and I was more than delighted to find a short statement against the oil use from his Myspace-biography. Vast amount of people just simply need role models in order to change their opinions and – as cliché as it is – music can make the world better – why wouldn’t the professionals of music make it happen, too?

No matter if you’re a professional or simply a music lover, you could take the first step and check the Amnesty’s music driven campaign “Make Some Noise” and the barbwire headphone T-shirts, too.

These are small deeds, but in the long run they make the big wheel turn. Let’s push it.

Epic coming up

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I just finished the last mix for this year. It became the longest – and if not my best mix of this year, it’s definitely the most interesting.

I’ve been thinking of putting together a mix of epic trance for a while now. It’s an interesting genre – I accidentally found a good description from Discogs while browsing around:

Epic trance has “musically interesting, constantly changing elements, and building suspense and emotion through means other than twiddling the frequency knob on a filter.”

There’s so little of this kind of trance released these days. Long tracks with lots of variety, several parts with different musical themes and truly innovative and challenging electronic dance music.

When choosing the tracks, I ended up leaving several nuskool epic tracks aside as well as some too obvious epic classics. And yes – the whole mix could have included only Sunday Club releases and been as epic as it’ll ever get, but there wouldn’t have been too much point in it.

Now, I’m pretty satisfied with the result. The sound describes very well where my electronic music roots are and also what was the whole idea of trance back in the day: hypnotic yet beautiful and driving.

Next year I’ll concentrate more on new music and leave oldskool aside – at least from the mixes. And as the autumn has been pretty trancey, the next mixes will be based more on house. Let that be the first promise for the new year.

Anyway, the new mix, Roots, will be online no later than tomorrow containing music from Sunday Club, Bedrock, Sasha, Gloat, Tenth Chapter, Spooky, Seafield etc.

See you soon.

Sibelius Academy project approved

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Sibelius-Academy’s Development Centre for Artistic Activity has kindly approved our application and given us a grant for producing an audiovisual music production. The production will combine both traditional and electronic music plus visuals and motion tracking in a way which is – at least – new in Sibelius-Academy.

I will provide here a link or two as soon there’s more information available.

Misc and Misc.

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First the Misc news and then the Misc. stuff. Boy, I love these smart word games… :P

Misc Management website has a few minor updates, some new mixes, charts etc.

Our beloved oldskool DJ, the mastermind behind Rose Garden and Kuudes Linja (and various others…), mr. Lil’ Tony, has opened a new website called Cosmic City. Cool stuff there, check it out.

Niko recommended Dave’s Lounge podcast on his Softys blog. I’ve subscribed to that as well, but another very good chill-out cast (not independent music, though) is Chill Syndicate. Two hour sets of chill-out – and totally without voice-overs, which is good (as I’ve mentioned earlier).

New Zealand Herald listed TOP 10 songs played at the funeral. A coffin at the altar and Robbie on the speakers. Some people really know how to go with a style… eeeh…

In the end a small word about my photography project. A bit more than a month ago I started a “Project 365” which is about shooting one photo a day of your life. The main idea is to remember small things which you would have forgotten otherwise after a year. The secondary idea is to prove yourself that no matter how dull and similar basic work days sometimes are, they all have a thing or two worth remembering.
These daily taken photographs are uploaded to the Project 365 Flickr set at least once a week. Take a look.