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Copyright claim with UMG & YouTube

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Copyright claim dispute with UMG - Flair

A couple of weeks ago YouTube sent me a copyright claim. Content owner, UMG (Universal Music Group) claimed I was infringing their copyright and having illegal content (= music) on my video, called “Flair”.

In this video, filmed back in the day in Kalajoki, after a gig in Dyyni, shows the bartender flairing. It’s 37 seconds long and – indeed – if you listen carefully, there is some music playing in the background. Turn up the volume and you might even recognize the track being performed by Black Eyed Peas.

The Youtube clip is here:
and if it’s blocked and you can’t see it, feel free to check it here (2,4mb).

Now, judge it yourself – do you think that this amazing piece of video art is fair use of content or copyright infringing?

After my complaint I got a response today from YouTube which can be seen above.
According to the message this video is now blocked everywhere except Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Guam, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Spain, United States, United States Virgin Islands.
And where it’s allowed to be watched, the users will see ads when watching the video.

Just a short final thought – copyright in the form we know it now is dying. Companies trying to “protect” their content is ways like this are not winning the customers to their side but losing them, one by one.

Even though this wasn’t an important video for me at all, this incident pisses me off – a lot.

Other (and much shorter) thoughts about copyright and music business can be read here.

BT interview, 07.04.2009

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BT / Brian Transeau press pic

YleX Finland interviewed BT / Brian Transeau on April 7th. Below is the interview divided in eight parts.

Thank you for BT, Jamie and Lauri for making the interview happen and massive thank-yous to Orkidea and all the people suggesting interview questions on forums, Twitter and Facebook.

BT performs at Labyrinth//Laserpoint event, Cable Factory, Helsinki on 18th of April, 2009.

Question 1 – Current Projects

| Open Player in New Window

Question 2 – Time Management

| Open Player in New Window

Question 3 – Technical Setup

| Open Player in New Window

Question 4 – Composing Flaming June

| Open Player in New Window

Question 5 – If Flaming June would be released now…

| Open Player in New Window

Question 6 – Lifespan of Tracks

| Open Player in New Window

Question 7 – Piracy and Free Music

| Open Player in New Window

Question 8 – Twitter and Social Media

| Open Player in New Window

Mix: DJ Orion – One: Sound of Spring 2009

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ONE, Tampere, 21.3.2009

After the winter break, One returns this weekend at Tampere’s Tanssitalo. With Joonas Hahmo and Poliisi headlining and me and Flight taking care of the regular One sounds, it sounds like a good start to 2009. One is having only two events this spring in Tanssitalo, the second being the official summer starter on 30.5.2009. On that day Tampere will go trancey in the hands of a Armada talent from Denmark and another bunch of domestic jocks. But first – looking forward to see you this Saturday! (See the Facebook event.)

And yes, as the headline promises, here’s a 60min mix of One anthems of the upcoming spring season. We are One family.

DJ Orion – One: Sound of Spring 2009

01. Solarity – Terminal 6
02. Sudha – Leche (Thomas Schwarz & Fausto Fanizza rmx)
03. Kostas Skretas – Tears On The Leaf (Claes Rosen remix)
04. DJ Orion – One Sunday (Beetseekers remix)
05. Victor Hugo & Cid Inc – Green Valley
06. Max Graham – Does She Know Yet
07. Kyau & Albert – Hooked On Infinity (Hard Rock Sofa Remix)
08. Pryda & DJ Tiesto – AfterFlight (DJ Orion re-edit)
09. Nadia Ali – Love Story (Andy Moor dub mix)
10. Ron Van Den Beuken – Faraway

Download the mix or listen below.


| Open Player in New Window

Tomcraft Tiistain Tanssi-illan biisivieraana

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Tomcraft YleX:n Tiistain Tanssi-illan biisivieraana.

Saksalainen Tomcraft saapuu Tiistain Tanssi-illan biisivieraaksi 17.3.2009. Viime syyskuussa ensimmäisen kerran Helsingin tanssilattioita lämmittänyt Tomcraft tunnetaan parhaiten takavuosien hitistään “Loneliness”, mutta viime vuodet ovat vieneet miestä teknomman soundin suuntaan. Tomcraft esiintyy Great Stuff -levymerkin 5-vuotiskiertueella myös Helsingin Playgroundissa 9.4.2009. Biisivierasosuudessa kuullaan kiertuekuulumiset sekä tietysti uutta soundia Tomcraftilta itseltään.

Lisäksi Tanssi-illassa Richard Durand, 16 Bit Lolitas, Michael Cassette, Heikki L, Mark Knight, Syna, Claes Rosen, Lifelike ja Ron van den Beuken sekä musauutiset.

Tune in. Nyt tiistaina klo 21-22

Tom Middleton to Finland

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One of my all-time favourite DJs, Tom Middleton, arrives to Helsinki on 12.6.2009.

Not only is Tom the man behind Cosmos, but also responsible of amazing “Lifetracks” chill-out album and “Global Communication” works, both of them just timeless. But it’s house music he’s playing, and what comes to that, his Renaissance 3D compilation and The Sound of the Cosmos are worth checking. Really looking forward to this.

Tom Middleton @ Tahko club, Ahjo, Helsinki. 12.06.2009.

Virtual Factory this weekend

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I’m heading to Vaasa this weekend – and strangely – I’ve never been there before. During the wild years of early 2000 the hard dance and trance scenes were vital both in Seinäjoki and Vaasa, but I never had a chance to witness the legendary Papinnenä atmosphere.

Virtual Factory 13 article, City Magazine, March 2009

Virtual Factory is already the 13th annual event held in Vaasa and has lots of good publicity in the media. Local City Magazine writes about the event and  University Student Mag, as well the Giga website cover it well, too.

I’m really looking forward to the event, the lineup and preparations look strong and what comes to all the emails I’ve received, it seems the promoters are also über-nice and very professional.

I’m sharing the stage with K-System, with whom I had plenty of fun a couple of weeks ago in Hämeenlinna’s PushUp event and Jangler, who is a long-time friend from Northern Finland times. He kept running there for years and held some amazing parties in the Ylivieska/Kalajoki area.

Here are the event details. See you soon!

FRIDAY 13.3.2009 // 22 – 04 // K18 // 8€ // Royal Bar’n’Night //Vaasa


Jangler // DJ Orion // K-System

Winnie P // Ville Vähäsaari // Klaus K //

C.Winter // Båssanova // Kenth // Zakka // Lector

Tickets 8/6€ – Presale @ Anttila TopTen, Hovioikeudenpuistikko 16, Vaasa

Misc Management news

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Some news out from the Misc. headquarters:

*Heikki L & Mr.A publish Techtors – Helsinki EP on Danceteria Records.

*DJ Orion releases his debut tune, One Sunday on Solaris Recordings.

*DJ Orkidea is busy with his new remixes of Way Out West’s Ajare and Union Jack’s Two Full Moons And A Trout

*Lil’ Tony releases Raw Trax on Moodmusic with rave reviews.

*Rico Tubbs is busy as ever, currently touring New Zealand. Some late spring dates are still available, ask for more info.

New Dance.Here.Now confirmed club shows:
*Joensuu 7.3.09 (Narcotic Thrust live PA)
*Kajaani 20.03.09 (Mr.A, Heikki L, Kaasi)
*Joensuu 8.5.09 (Orkidea, JS16, Joonas Hahmo)
*Rovaniemi 15.5.09 (Rico Tubbs, Oded Peled)

Latest DJ Bookings (more TBA):
*Leama plays at Clinic @ Bangkok By Night, Helsinki on Easter
*Misc. brings Giles Smith to Club Angel, Tallinn.
* TBA @ Pussy eau de Club 22.5.09
* TBA @ ONE, 30.5.09

For more, see Misc. Management website or Facebook group

Chart: Top Choices February 2009

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01. Coldplay – Viva La Vida (Flight & Jontey meet Orion remix)
02. 25st – Seduce Me feat. Martina Kaiser – Richard Grey Remix
03. DJ Orion – One Sunday (remixes)
04. Flight & Jontey – Never Dancin’
05. Jeremy Olander – Blade Runner (Matheus Komar remix)
06. 2XLC – Dante’s Peak (Jerome Isma-Ae remix)
07. Cid Inc – Flopcorn
08. Nadia Ali – Love Story (Andy Moor’s Dub Mix)
09. Paul Keeley – Trans AM
10. DJ Orion – Brotherhood

YleX Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 03.02.2009

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DJ Orion @ YleX – Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 03.02.2009

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta tracklist

01. DJ Mehdi – Pocket Piano (Joakim remix) (Ed Banger)
02. Mike Monday – Stargirl (OM)
03. Mini Viva – Left My Heart In Tokyo (Instrumental mix) (World’s Finest)
04. Arno Cost – Darling Harbour (CR2)
05. Ben Preston – Below The Surface (Lost Language)
06. F-Man – Batsen (Flamingo)

07. Freefall – Skydive (Renaissance)

08. Liluca – Clear Senses (Urban Breathe remix) (AnjunaDeep)
09. Second Left – Drop Pounds (Electronic Elements)
10. 2XLC – Dante’s Peak (Jerome Isma-Ae remix) (Tetsuo)
11. Tritonal – What I Say (Dub mix) (AVA)

12. Neal Scarborough – Panama (Paul Webster remix) (CDr)

13. DJ Eco – American Blues (DJ Eco & Martin Roth edit) (Lunatique)

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta links
Agnelli & Nelson
Video: Helsinki Techno City
Free music from Moguai & Roger Sanchez
Video: Laserpoint Video Compilation 01
Trainspotter’s heaven
Way Out West new album title
Rose Garden lopettaa, uusi klubi tilalle
Acieeed! Kaippa publishes old Berlin flyers
The Prodigy – Omen
Muxtape Inches Back To Life
Top Facebook Music Applications
Massive Attack to release samples album
Jean Michel Jarre “IN-DOORS” World Tour 2009-2010

Listen Tiistain Tanssi-ilta again on YleX Areena (works in Finland only):

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta @ KLUBITUS
Tiistain Tanssi-ilta @ IRC-GALLERIA
Tiistain Tanssi-ilta @ FACEBOOK
Tiistain Tanssi-ilta @ YLEX

Delivery delayed.

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I ordered my FON 3.12.2006. It arrived yesterday (17.1.2007). That’s a bit more than two weeks they promised…

Also, my latest order from Hard To Find Records took one month until they mailed me yesterday. The package had come back to them. I had asked to deliver the package to the address of my friend, but now it seems, though, they had delivered the package to his address but with my name written on it. Of course it was returned to sender.

They have a “GIVE EXTRA INFORMATION HERE” box on their online order form, but do they really read what you write there…?
Surely they’ll be asking me to pay the delivery costs double now. Surely I won’t.

FON and HTFR could collaborate under the name “Hard To Find Finland“.

Last week in America…

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Last week, what did the new democratic congress do?

a-passed legislation forcing the government to negotiate with drug companies in order for medicaire recipients to pay less for prescription drugs.
b-passed legislation limiting the influence of corporate lobbyists in washington.
c-raised the minimum wage.
d-passed legislation lifting the federal ban on stem-cell research(or possibly they’re about to pass this legislation).
e-passed legislation lowering the interest rates that students have to pay on college loans.

And – last week, what did George W. Bush do?

a-put forth a plan to send 21,000 new troops to iraq(without any clear plan for what these new troops will actually DO once they get there).
b-vowed to veto house legislation calling for federal funding for stem-cell research(you need to keep in mind: the embryo’s that they want to use for stem-cell research will be thrown in the garbage if they’re not used for stem-cell research).
c-moved to open up more areas of the gulf coast and the alaskan tundra for oil exploration.
d-vowed to veto house legislation attempting to make drugs more affordable for medicaire recipients.

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