Let’s make more noise.

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I’ve been thinking of this a lot lately. After reading Moby’s blog I’ve noticed that there are just a huge amount of readers, all around the world. If you still add those who read the same posts from his MySpace blog, the actual amount of readers is vast.

Now, Moby has lots of opinions and he’s not afraid to tell them. Actually, his provocative way of writing makes people both angry and supportive. The blog entries create different emotions which might even cause actions. And if Moby’s writings cause actions, they work.

The more popular electronic music has become, the more I’ve been thinking why don’t clubs, organizations and DJs more openly stand behind certain values such as freedom of speech, environmental issues and anti-war movements? After all, the more popular the club or the DJ is, the more weight their opinions have.

Nowadays saying no to oil industry, being openly interested in climate change or supporting Amnesty, Greenpeace or other similar organizations is simply mediasexy. And I guess less people would dare to ask for a free entry to a club which would give part of their ticket price to support electric cars or prevent climate change – for example.

Ian Ossia visited Finland last weekend. Great gig, great music and I was more than delighted to find a short statement against the oil use from his Myspace-biography. Vast amount of people just simply need role models in order to change their opinions and – as clichĂ© as it is – music can make the world better – why wouldn’t the professionals of music make it happen, too?

No matter if you’re a professional or simply a music lover, you could take the first step and check the Amnesty’s music driven campaign “Make Some Noise” and the barbwire headphone T-shirts, too.

These are small deeds, but in the long run they make the big wheel turn. Let’s push it.

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