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By November 22, 2006 No Comments

First the Misc news and then the Misc. stuff. Boy, I love these smart word games… :P

Misc Management website has a few minor updates, some new mixes, charts etc.

Our beloved oldskool DJ, the mastermind behind Rose Garden and Kuudes Linja (and various others…), mr. Lil’ Tony, has opened a new website called Cosmic City. Cool stuff there, check it out.

Niko recommended Dave’s Lounge podcast on his Softys blog. I’ve subscribed to that as well, but another very good chill-out cast (not independent music, though) is Chill Syndicate. Two hour sets of chill-out – and totally without voice-overs, which is good (as I’ve mentioned earlier).

New Zealand Herald listed TOP 10 songs played at the funeral. A coffin at the altar and Robbie on the speakers. Some people really know how to go with a style… eeeh…

In the end a small word about my photography project. A bit more than a month ago I started a “Project 365” which is about shooting one photo a day of your life. The main idea is to remember small things which you would have forgotten otherwise after a year. The secondary idea is to prove yourself that no matter how dull and similar basic work days sometimes are, they all have a thing or two worth remembering.
These daily taken photographs are uploaded to the Project 365 Flickr set at least once a week. Take a look.

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