Music promoters or criminals?

By March 11, 2008 One Comment

Excerpt from Gareth Emery’s latest podcast email:

// Note to labels.

The Gareth Emery Podcast is committed to legitimate dance music sales, which is why we only only play previews of new tracks (typically less than half the running time) – considerably less than would be played in a downloadable DJ mix.

Furthermore, due to our affiliation, we ensure that when listeners like what they hear, buying the full track couldn’t be easier.

The question is, why does Gareth’s podcast crew need to write something like that? Have some labels really been stupid enough to threat or even sue a medium which has such an influence on electronic music sales?

I’m waiting for the times when labels and copyright organizations don’t see DJing, podcasting and mixtapes as a threat and loss of income but a HUGE potential for increasing their music sales.

I’m having my 10th anniversary of DJing this year and after all these years of buying and playing the music I really would love to be proud when I’m promoting marginal electronic music rather than being afraid of getting sued because of it.

One Comment

  • skygreenbreaux says:

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    Music is music all over the world. We play music to entertain and be entertained.We need to do our
    part and entertain people as musical instrumer enterainer.

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