Metaverse over and out.

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Metaverse - DJ Orkidea Album Release Tour, 2008, front

What a year it has been.

The first ideas of Orkidea’s album release tour were discussed about two years ago between Orkidea and Asaf and the first meetings were held one year ago. After countless emails, discussions, meetings and cups of coffee (and some hard work, too) DJ Orkidea, Misc. Management & Universal Music launched the Metaverse album and the tour in the end of February, 2008.

Yesterday’s sold-out Laserpoint event was the last one of the Metaverse related events and a perfect ending for the tour. The production was top-notch and the atmosphere simply breath-taking. All the respect to Lauri & the Laserpoint possé. (Some Laserpoint on-site interviews available on the voice blogs of Orkidea and me)

Personally the past months have been the most exciting and productive during my whole music career. Organizing the tour has been very busy and extremely stressy, but with the Misc. boys Oded and Asaf and our main man Tapsa we’ve formed a great team sharing all the good and the bad. I could get really emotional about this, but let’s just say they’re 100% professionals with a humble attitude and love for music and life. It’s been a privilege working, learning and sharing the music with people like them.

Also all the sincere thank-yous to all the Metaverse co-promoters, San Mejor, Ismo, Kalle, Jussi, Seb, Flight, Beliar, Exxa & DJShop, Jykä, Miska, Zonex, Ton-E, Toni, Syna & Fiksaatio-possé not to forget thousands of music lovers all over Finland who made the tour worth touring. Share the love :)

Now the tour has ended, but there’s still a lot to do. During the next week I’ll be working on the Metaverse Laserpoint video and the final Metaverse Tour video compilation which compresses the best tour moments to less than two minutes. We will also publish some Metaverse statistics at the same time.

Also, Misc. Management artist roster will see some changes in the near future. We will have a very talented and promising Finnish artist joining the team plus a popular, nice and cool world-class DJ, whose Baltic and Scandinavian performances we will take care of from now on. Exciting times ahead.


Juska / Orion

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