YleX Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 4.3.2008

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YleX Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 04.03.2008 – Metaverse – Things are more than they seem…

01. His Boy Elroy – Step Into The Light (Proton Music)
02. Morgan Page – Longest Road feat. Lissie (Deadmau5 remix) (Nettwerk)
03. DJ Orkidea – Metaverse (Jody Wisternoff remix) (Ava)
04. Terry Grant feat. Katherine – The Tie That Binds (Jay Lumen remix) (Baroque)
05. Quivver – Surin (Tobias Lutzenkirchen remix) (Bozboz)
06. DJ Orkidea & David West – God’s Garden (Universal)
07. DJ Orkidea & Lowland – Masochrist (Universal)
08. DJ Orkidea – Metaverse (Gareth Emery remix) (Ava)
09. Nightwish – Bye Bye Beautiful (DJ Orkidea remix) (Universal)

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta links 04.03.2008
DJ Orkidea – Metaverse
DJ Hero
Sasha presents EmFire Collection
Sasha & Digweed tour together
Morgan Page
Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts

Listen Tiistain Tanssi-ilta again on YleX Areena (works in Finland only):

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Metaverse launch

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Metaverse hits the road this weekend. The first stops are in Rovaniemi and Vuokatti and I’m really looking forward to both events. I’ve never visited Vuokatti, but the gigs in Kajaani have been awesome and needless to say I’m excited of returning to Rovaniemi after a short while.
The promoters in both cities have been busy as ever – San Mejor in Rovaniemi and Kalle in Vuokatti are the guys to rely on and I’m happy we got them to give the local support on the tour.

I’ll be travelling to Rovaniemi with Orkidea and Milla Lehto and DJ Kaasi joins us behind the decks in Vuokatti. Nice crew to travel with. If everything goes as planned, we will be audioblogging about the tour directly to IRC-gallery group and making a short road movie of the tour starting nights. BTW, if you haven’t seen the Metaverse trailer yet, make sure to check it.

And yeah, DJ Orkidea’s thoughts about the tour and the upcoming album can be heard next Tuesday on YleX’s Tiistain Tanssi-ilta, when the maestro comes to share the Pasila studio with me.

Sunrise Winter Tour @ Kerava

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Sunrise Winter Tour 2008, front, Kino, Kerava, 22.02.2008

Winter tour opening party!

Place: Wanha Kino, Torikatu 1, Kerava
Time: 22-04
Agelimit: K-18
Tickets: 6 e (From door only)

Orion (Misc, YleX)
Zwek (Sunrise)
D.N.A (Sunrise, I Love Kiksu)
Mr. Sinner (Sunset)
Matthew Heath (Ambrosia, Sunset)
Rinik (Sunrise)
Tony Profondo (Mixxed)
Dago (Tech:no)
Mikael Lees (Ambrosia)

Lights & Visuals: Sunrise productions
Decorations: Sunrise-decocrew
Supported by: Sunset Entertainment Oy

YleX Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 19.02.2008

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YleX Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 19.02.2008 – Hybrid Retrospective

01. Hybrid – Lights Go Down, Knives Come Out (Distinct’ive Records)
02. Hybrid – Beachcoma (Distinct’ive Records)
03. Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Hybrid remix) (Distinct’ive Records)
04. Hybrid – If I Survive (Distinct’ive Records)
05. Alanis Morrissette – So Pure (Hybrid remix) (White Label)
06. The Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea (Hybrid Full Lenght Mix) (Jumpin’ & Pumpin’)
07. Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Hybrid’s Time Traveller Remix) (Hooj Choons)
08. U2 – New Year’s Day (Hybrid remix) (Serious Records)
09. Hybrid – Just For Today (Distinct’ive Records)
10. Hybrid – Until Tomorrow (Stefan Anion & Starfire’s ‘Surviving Another Day’ Mix) (Distinct’ive Records)
11. Hybrid – Dog Star (Distinct’ive Records)

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta links 19.02.2008
Hybrid @ Wikipedia
Hybrid official website
Major Hybrid fan site
Hybrid @ Discogs
Hybrid @ MySpace
Koko Hybridin tuotanto @ Breakbeatpolice
Satellite Party – Wish Upon The Dogstar @ YouTube

Listen Tiistain Tanssi-ilta again on YleX Areena (works in Finland only):

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Pacifique look-back and tracklist

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When you’re doing club events and clubbing as a lifestyle, hobby and work at some point you just lose big amount of the enthusiasm of going out and to the clubs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still very nice and enjoyable, but you’re lacking the excitingness.

The Tullikamari raves in Tampere in ’94-’96 and Love Parade in ’99 were fantastic experiences for a young teenage boy, but I haven’t had a similar huge emotion rush in a party too many times ever since.

Well, Pacifique had it all. The exciting and nostalgic boom in your chest, anxious waiting to get there and a pure and energetic feeling of happiness. I had heard about the uplifting water splashing at the main arena, but that and several other details are just something you can’t describe if you haven’t been there yourself.
It was a totally unique concept well executed. I’m happy of getting the possibility of being there last night.

Here’s the tracklist of the From Rural To Urban style chill-out set from the sauna area.

Orion @ Pacifique EVO, 08.02.2008

Hybrid – Finished Symphony (Hybrid’s Soundtrack Edit)
Nightmares On Wax – You Wish
Julian Petrin – Embrace
Air – Alone In Kyoto
Ilya Malyuev – Little Sad Smile
Tom Middleton – Yearning
Global Communication – Maiden Voyage
Placebo – Pure Morning (Les Rhythmes Digitales remix)
Doris Days – To Ulrike M (Zero7 remix)
Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (instrumental)
Marc Mitchell – Galerie Paris
Sven Väth – L’Esperanza

update: Facebook has the first photos already!

>> Mikko’s Facebook album

Jackifique & Pacifique

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JACKIFIQUE - the official pre-party

A very interesting weekend coming up.

On Friday Kuudes Linja will host the first Jack event of this year. I can’t say if it’s also the last before the summer – Orkidea’s tour, of which I wrote earlier, is taking loads of time and we’ll see if there’s enough time for April’s Jack event.
Anyway, Jack has a very nice lineup this time. I’ll be playing the warmup hours together with Orkidea, Erkko will take care of the peak hour and Juju will finish the night. Big variety of electronic house music will be served.
Jack is also the official pre-party of Pacifique, tickets only 4e with Pacifique advance ticket. Leave your swimsuits home for Saturday, though :)

On Saturday Pacifique will break loose at Serena Waterpark in Espoo. The line-up is massive including Jaakko Salovaara [JS16], Lowland piano concert, Kalle Miettinen [Dancemob Classics], Lil’ Tony [Redrum] & Tomi K [Ihana] feat. Stiliana, Danceteria All Stars: Mr A, Heikki L & Miika Kuisma feat. Max C and many more.

I’ll be playing an exotic chill-out set in the “From Rural To Urban” style in the sauna area of Serena. Thinking about the location I guess it won’t be that chilled out, after all… ;) But definitely it’s a good and welcome change after all those freezing winter outdoor gigs in the north.

See you on the weekend!

PACIFIQUE, pre-flyer, 2007, Espoo

YleX Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 05.02.2008

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YleX Tiistain Tanssi-ilta tracklist 05.02.2008

01. Ailo – Chronos (Iono Music)
02. Brother Brown – Under The Water (Starecase remix) (FFRR)
03. Cicada – Same Old Scene (Henrik B remix) (Critical Mass)
04. Jaytech – Pepe’s Garden (Anjunadeep)
05. Dousk – Street Talk (Matt Rowan remix) (Groovecollection Black)
06. Air Hustlers – Flowers From Heaven feat. Dauby (Bandung)
07. Motehra – Remember Us (Tarkan & V-Sag Mix) (Electronic Elements)
08. Noel Sanger – Long Way Down (Original Vocal Mix) (System Recordings)
09. E-Unit – Nowhere Else on Earth feat. Simone K (Gareth Emery Instrumental Club Mix) (Curvve)
10. Hydroid, Galen Behr – Shift Of The Ages (Hydroid Mix) (Yakuza)
11. Lemon & Einer K – Anticipation (Flashover)

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta links 05.02.2008
Verkkokauppa aloittaa MP3-kappaleiden myymisen globaalisti ilman suojauksia
Q-Trax & P2P sharing 1 & 2
Fatboy Slim Teams Up With Iggy Pop
Dallas Superstars jalkapallon EM-kisoihin

Listen Tiistain Tanssi-ilta again on YleX Areena (works in Finland only):

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METAVERSE – DJ Orkidea Album Release Tour

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Universal Music, Ava Recordings UK and Misc. Management proudly present


“Future classic.” -Solarstone

“A true trance album… an absolute winner.” -Gareth Emery

“Unique, retro-futuristic trance at its best.” -Above & Beyond

“Great artist album with a truly unique perspective on modern day sound of trance.” -Armin van Buuren

“Amazing album, i can’t stop listening to it!” -Andy Moor


Read More

DJ Orkidea’s Album Release Tour

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During the past months Oded, Asaf and me at Misc. Management together with DJ Orkidea have been organizing a full scale Album Release Tour for Orkidea’s upcoming second artist album. Those past months and weeks have been very busy and exciting and finally we have some news to publish.

The tour will go to 12 different cities. I’m happy of the outcome especially in Finland – we will have the best venues and the best local promoters supporting the tour. The co-operators abroad aren’t bad either including for example Gatecrasher Magna in England.

The tour will be better, bigger and – of course – more Web2.0. than ever. We are launching a YouTube channel which will feature video material shot by us – and you. You can also upload your favourite tour event photos to our photo service or send them via Flickr. There will be an ordinary blog of the tour but also a voice blog which will deliver the atmosphere from the most distant corners of Finland and the clubs – and the afterparties… ;)

I’m happy having a priviledge of DJing during the tour in a couple of venues. First, in the beginning of the tour in Rovaniemi and Vuokatti, then in Helsinki at the album release main event and later still in Tampere and Joensuu.

For me the most awaited ones would be the event in Rovaniemi – and returning to the north – the main event in Kaivohuone, the incredible views over Tampere from Hämeensilta, the much hyped Rytmikorjaamo in Seinäjoki and the season closing at Laserpoint main event.

Orkidea’s new album sounds awesome and I’m confident the live-performances will be outstanding. I’m really looking forward to see you all on the tour. More official information can be found on DJ Orkidea’s website.

YleX Tiistain tanssi-ilta 22.01.2008

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YleX Tiistain Tanssi-ilta tracklist 22.01.2008

01. Marc Mitchell – Galerie Paris
02. Will Saul – Mbira (Wahoo remix) (Simple Records)
03. Bush II Bush – Road To Caracas (16 Bit Lolitas remix) (CR2)
04. Countparis feat. Katherine Ellis – Poza (You Got What I Need) (Dave Armstrong & Redroche remix) (Eyezcream)
05. Jaytech – Pepe’s Garden (AnjunaDeep)
06. Thomas Schwartz – The Gift (The Clubbers)
07. Chris Reece – The Fall (Daniel Portman Main Hour Dub) (Mylo Records)
08. Andy Ling – Fixation (Fluid)
09. David West – Hello Piano (DK Recordings)
10. The Prodigy – Weather Experience (XL)

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta links 22.01.2008
DJ Mag No Longer Bi-Monthly
Sony BMG & DRM >> 1 & 2 & 3
Britanniassa ladattiin ennätysmäärä musiikkia
Perfecto links up with InGrooves

Listen Tiistain Tanssi-ilta again on YleX Areena (works in Finland only):

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Tag a flyer.

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Probe, Helsinki, 1992

There’s a nice collection of Finnish Flyers and electronic music articles online on Flickr, say, over 1800 of them.

Now, we would need your help.

When you browse the collection, please add any describing tags to the flyers. Anything will do, names, years, cities, performers, designers etc…

That’s what makes the collection easier and more effective to browse and search. The more the tags, the better.

You need to be logged in in order to add tags.

And yeah, just searching is lot of fun. Try these or make your own searches:
Flyer oldskool Helsinki
Flyer miau
Flyer Turku
Flyer Labyrinth
Flyer Pussy

If you have any Finnish flyers or articles which you would like to be added to the collection, please let me know.

YleX Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 08.01.2008

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YleX Tiistain Tanssi-ilta tracklist 08.01.2008

01. BT – Remember (BT’s Album Mix) (Perfecto)
02. Sultan, Ned Shephard, Maher Daniel – Itajai Vibes (Sick Watona)
03. Pryda – Europa (Pryda)
04. Arno Cost, Norman Doray – Apocalypse (Sebastien Leger remix) (N.E.W.S)
05. Tasadi, Mike Mikhjian – Zeus (Jay Lumen remix) (Curvve)
06. Michael Cassette – Fox And A Shooting Star (AnjunaDeep)
07. Redroche – No More Sunrise (Eyezcream)
08. Fakt of Life – Blade Runner (Fake Hero remix) (Fakt Records)
09. Hybrid – Finished Symphony (Distinct’ive Records)

Listen (stream available for one week):

YleX Tiistain Tanssi-ilta links 08.01.2008:
Dear Rockers
Warner ei innostu kopiosuojausten poistosta
Warner tanssahtaa vapaaseen musiikkiin USA:ssa
Arno Cost
Renaissance 3D
The Future of Music

Feel free to comment, give feedback or ask for tracks via this blog or email.

The news for 2008

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After a 24hour flight with a medical emergency on board, Heathrow hell and lost luggage, I’m finally home again. Despite the long travel back, it was an awesome holiday – Curaçao and Aruba were amazing, it was damn hot and humid and incredibly relaxing. I should be posting a couple of photos to my Flickr account soon, in case you’re interested.

New Year’s starting with a big bang. I’ll be warming up at Danceteria’s & DTM’s New Year’s party tonight with Miika Kuisma. The other acts include DJs Mr.A, Heikki L, Orkidea and Miss Drag Queen 2007, Nikola. See Danceteria website for more info.


From the beginning of 2008, I’ll be starting as a host of Tiistain Tanssi-ilta on YleX, the national radio 1. After ten years of radio career, DJ Orkidea leaves his position and I’ll be taking over.

During the first shows the concept will be fine tuned a bit. Most importantly, I want to make the provided electronic music scale wider in both genre- and timeline-wise. This will mean slightly more “easier” electronic music – nothing too poppy, but nothing too underground either.

I also want to provide other music than the tracks released during the past two weeks. Most DJs are watching the music scene with the eyes of DJs, not with the eyes of the public. Let’s face it – most of the tracks we consider already old, are totally unknown for the public. A couple of more plays could make a classic of several tracks which are just forgotten, because the DJs tend to think “everybody has this one already…”. Anyway, I think it’s a proper to introduce at least 1-2 old classic electronic music tracks per show. Some might say it’s nostalgic, I’d say it’s very educational. How little do we understand from today’s electronic music if we don’t know its past?

But before getting too deep, big thanks still to Leena and OlliS for the great possibility to join the team, to DJ Orkidea for all the years of Radio Unity/Tiistain Tanssi-ilta and to everyone of you for all the support I’ve gotten after the news were published. The first show is on Tuesday 8.1.2008, 21:00-22:00 Finnish time and from then on bi-weekly. Any comments, feedback, track requests etc. can be sent to me via this blog or email.

Merry Christmas!

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I’m taking a christmas break and leaving abroad for two weeks. You can’t reach me via email or phone. With urgent music related stuff, please contact Misc. Management.

It’s been another great year – thanks for sharing ideas, comments and all the good music. See you in 2008.

All the best,

Juska / Orion

[Photo by *Simian*]

TOP30, 2007

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The final chart of 2007:

TOP 30 of 2007
(in alphabetical order)
Aril Brikha – Kept Within
Claes Rosen, Add2Basket – Volaris
Damien Strong – Love Shop
Damien Strong – Flashback
Danceteria – Passion (Heikki L & Mr.A Remix)
David West & Inkfish – Hello Piano
Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djinns – Swen Webber Remix
Dousk – Anagram – Chris Nemmo mix
Dousk – Caribou
Eelke Kleijn, Nick Hogendoorn – Where Are My Goggles – Fine Taste Remix
Gareth Emery, Rue De Gar – Soul Symbol – Mohawk Remix
Graham & Blades – Argie Bargie
Jody Wisternoff – Starstrings – Vocal Version
Jody Wisternoff – Nostalgia – Remix
Joonas Hahmo – Sound of Sunday
Josef Plante – Get Me Thru – Burufunk Remix
JS16 – My Rosegarden
Lange vs Gareth Emery – Another You, Another Me
Mark Knight & D. Ramirez – Columbian Soul
Medway, Sven Hauck – AmonAmen – Matt Rowan & JayTech Remix
Miika Kuisma & OlliS – Awakening (Noel Sanger Remix)
Niels Van Gogh, Eniac – Pulverturm 2.0 – Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Remix
Ossie – Holy Land
Quivver – Dancing In Dark Rooms
The Rogue Element – Dead Drummers
Talisman & Hudson – Leaving Planet Earth – Eelke Kleijn Remix
Tasadi, Mike Mikhjian – Zeus – Jay Lumen Remix
Tracey Thorn – Grand Canyon (King Unique Come Home Vocal)
U&K – L’esperanza
U&K – The Year Of The Monkey – Miller & Pennington Remix

Tom Middleton – Lifetracks
Justice – Cross
Aril Brikha – Ex Machina
Trentemoller – The Last Resort
Groove Armada – Soundboy Rock
Janna – Right Now
Tuomo – My Thing

Podcast update

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Orion's Podcast

Hello music lovers!

After these years of fine casts, rare and perfect guest mixes and nearly 15.000 downloads, Orion’s podcast is about to change. It’s not a matter of quitting but more like a change of the concept. I hope the upcoming changes are going to serve us all better, share the idea of high-quality electronic music and bring up new artists and new music for us all to support.

We still have two or three excellent guest mixes in the pipeline before the change, so stay tuned. I will announce more of the exciting news in the beginning of 2008. And most importantly – the change does not require any action from anyone who is already subscribed. And for those who aren’t, more podcast details can be found here.