Thank You Turku & Diiva UG!

By May 19, 2008 No Comments

Late but heartly thank-yous to Turku party people and Diiva UG -posse for making a 3 year birthday party worth remembering and giving me a possibility of being there. The night was fantastic, the cellar absolutely one of the most intimate and friendly venues I’ve witnessed in Finland and Lank and Vertigo very warm and professional hosts with a great music taste. The guys are going to play in Oulu in a month or so, make sure to check them out if you’re in the area. Also thumbs up to Niska who played a rocking warm-up set with a good electro vibe. Very nice guy and a talent to keep an eye on.

I started my Diiva UG set with a bit more progressive and melodic sound which obviously wasn’t the hottest stuff for the cellar-like surroundings and I turned after a track or two to slightly more technoish and rough sound which seemed to be the thing. The crowd was on a birthday party mood and if you could see something through the enormous amount of smoke, they were smiles :) The tracks of the night would be Quivver – Surin (Lutzenkirchen remix), Freeflow 45 – PeakTime and Dennis Sheperd – Infinity. Thank You Turku & Diiva UG!

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