The week has passed incredibly fast. It’s been all about moving, doing the infamous vinyylijumppa to the second floor without any elevator and piecing together new furniture.

I guess carrying the music collection around was some sort of a last temptation to forget the vinyl, convert everything to CD-format and save your back from breaking before your 30th anniversary. I’m sure there was someone whispering to my ear “How much would that weight in mp3-format…?” when I climbed up the stairs with the 40kg vinyl cases.

Now after four full moving days quite much everything is done and we’ll be heading to Germany for nine days on Monday. I managed to finish most of the stuff on my todo-list despite the hurry:

First of all, after building up the new DJ-setup (which must be the best I’ve ever had what comes to sound and comfort) I recorded Spinni’s 10 Year Anniversary Mix. Spinni celebrates their ten year old way through the Tampere club history (more info here) and this “official” mix more or less describes the sound of the event’s second day. Techy progressive, breaks and trance in spirit of the oldskool, with a couple of fresh exceptions. Those who are subscribed to the podcast should get the mix any time soon, but you’ll find the link on the forums and Spinni’s website a bit later, too.

I visited Danceteria, DTM last night. Good way to get the first touch to Helsinki clubland – the place was crowded and atmosphere high. I shot restlessly a couple of photos while meeting new people and I have to say I felt pretty welcome – there were really nice people around.


The future looks bright. In October I’ll be heading to Northern Ireland for a week and before that I’ll hope to have some announcements to be made about some club and music related things. Oh, and nearly forgot – New York City based fitness radio station Exercise Radio starts to air some mixes of mine on their exercise related shows. It seems that vinyylijumppa isn’t the only way to get fit with vinyls ;)

And as a postscript: It’s never too late to start to love music. Or too early…
Heavy music has young fans...

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  • SATU says:

    Lanseeraa oma kuntoiluohjelma USA:n markkinoilla, tekaise opus ja olet miljonääri. Tämä jumppa olis suorastaan pop, vaikka teknoa raahaiskin. Kokeilisin ehkä itsekin ens viikolla, jos olis vinyylejä ja hissitön talo. Nyt tarttee keksiä jotain muuta, millä sulattaa Saksan tortut vyötäröltä..

  • kosmo says:

    Sympatiat osallesi! Itsekin juuri muuttaneena huomasin pohtineeni mm. vaihtoehtoista lähestymistapaa musiikintuottamiseen; ts. “miks mulla on rautaa?!?” :D Onneksi matkaa oli vain kaijonharjusta keskustaan…

    kaikkea hyvää tsadiin!

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