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Orion’s Podcast: Robosonic (Diskomafia, Germany)

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Shortly before releasing their new album, “Sturm & Drang” , Robosonic hits the podcast with a full-on guest mix. Full of twists and turns, from rocking electro to chilly electronica and grooving minimal, the mix also features rappers Panik Panzer & Kotti Kot and makes it rather a compilation of mash-ups than an ordinary mix. To get more information about Robosonic and the upcoming album, please visit or their MySpace at

More info about the podcast =>

Orion’s Podcast on Facebook

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Orion’s Podcast group is now also on Facebook. If you have a profile there, feel free to join.
Link: (needs Facebook registration)
Orion’s Podcast on Facebook

Here’s my profile, too.

Just as a note, Facebook finally managed to make a clean, goodlooking online community and fix all the problems MySpace had. Compared to MySpace, I really enjoy exploring Facebook and trying out new features. I have no problems saying goodbye to MySpace after using Facebook for a couple of weeks.

New website coming up…

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The past days there has been some serious design work for the full upgrade of this website. Some of the current tasks include Flickr and YouTube intergration, some RSS-based content management and – finally – moving from Movable Type to WordPress.

Also, this website still has parts which are way over five years old. The structure includes tables, iframes and other not too modern web design stuff. Looking forward to a fully CSS-based layout.

But after all this tech talk, I’d like to hear if there’s anything what the current pages lack, any functionalities which should be added or something which simply doesn’t work at the moment. The better page we can make to serve your needs, the merrier :) Leave a comment or send some mail.

Aki A’s guestmix on the podcast

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Very nice 40min guest mix from Aki A on the podcast. Fresh progressive house tracks and driving quality trancey sound. Take a look and subscribe here.

Full tracklist here:

Aki A.
Orion’s Podcast Mix – Spring 2007
01 Dousk: Caribou [Klik] 02 Minimalistix: Struggle For Pleasure (Filterheadz Mix) [541] 03 Anil Chawla: Jurassic Car Park (Vocal Mix) [Morrison] 04 Satoshi Fumi: D1 [Urbantorque] 05 R-Tem: Maximuse [Snoochi Poochi] 06 U&K: The Year Of The Monkey (Miller & Pennington Mix) [Pure Substance] 07 Aardvarck: Aardbij (Quince’s Inspiration Mix) [Rush Hour]


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I joined Jaiku. Jaiku is like Twitter. It’s just Finnish. And better (also for other reasons;).

Even though the original or the main idea of Jaiku – blogging (or writing Jaikus) from everywhere, letting people know where you are and what you do – does not interest me too much, there’s still something very useful: bringing all your rss-feeds together.

So basically, by subscribing to the Jaiku feed of mine, you’ll get not only the latest Flickr photos and Youtube videos from my accounts to your feed reader but also the latest blog entries and the podcasts, too. No more lame, useless browsing :)

Here’s my Jaiku feed:
And the site itself here:

Go, give a try. And if not, don’t worry, the old feed of this blog and other services will remain unchanged.

DJ Orkidea – VONYC Sessions – coming up on the podcast

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Stop the press.

DJ Orkidea’s 60min DJ-set from Paul van Dyk’s VONYC Sessions will be soon available exclusively on Orion’s podcast.
Subscribe and get it automatically when it’s available.


DJ Orkidea @ VONYC Sessions

01. Orkidea vs Marc Mitchell: Eternal Love (Intuition)
02. 3 Drives: Greece 2000 [Leama remix] (Lost Language)
03. Harry Lemon : Demon Disco (Bandung)
04. U&K: L’Esperanza (Unity)
05. Vibrasphere : Manzanilla [Jaia remix] (Digital Structures)
06. Albert Vorne : Formentera What? [Gareth Emery remix] (CD-R)
07. Slusnik Luna vs Lowland: Baas (AVA)
08. Delerium: Angelicus [Andy Moor remix] (Nettwerk)
09. David West: True Love (Captured)
10. Andy Moor vs Orkidea: YearZero [Orkidea remix] (AVA)
11. MUSE: Cydonia [John ’00’ Flemming vs Whizzy Noise remix] (CD-R)
12. Orkidea vs Marc Mitchell: Eternal Love [outro] (Intuition)

+Samples from
Space Manoeuvres: Stage One (Hooj Choons)
Age of Love: The Age of Love [Jam & Spoon remix] (R&S)
Way Out West: Domination (DeConstruction)

Tracklist for Kaasi’s podcast guestmix

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DJ KAASI – FUNKY BREAKS MIX (DJ Orion’s Podcast Guest Mix)

01. DJ MUTINY : Mathematics [Sub Frequency Funk] 02. BOOGIE ARMY feat. UNKLE MASSIVE : Inside The Ride [Carepack Records] 03. THE WESTERN ALLSTARS : Flip Funky (Price Cuts Mix) [West Records] 04. ORIGINAL SINNERS vs BUFFALO DANCE : Ep [Fleeced002] 05. SLYDE : Space Bass Rock [Finger Lickin’ Records] 06. BOB CITRUS : Stamina [BBDD001] 07. DK8 : Murder Was The Bass (Move Ya! & Steve Lavers Remix) [Elp 1 Series LTD 9] 08. ED ROYAL & DJ ENNE : Gravity [Innvision Records] 09. RENNIE PILGREM : Some Place Funky (Ladbroke Groove Mix) [Mob Records] 10. JEM STONE & J.C. : Disco Daze (Disco Mix) [Finger Lickin’ Records]

drS 90’s guestmix on the podcast

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Amazing (and exclusive:) 40min GuestCast from drS, Tampere, Finland. drS sends a nostalgic 90’s mix full of classics and brilliant long-lost gems. If you like this, make sure to grab some of his other mixes, too.

1. spooky feat. billie ray martin: persuasion (chameleon dub) [guerilla records] 2. grace: not over yet (perfecto mix) [perfecto] 3. o.t. quartet: hold that sucker down (happy daze) [cheeky] 4. livin’ joy: dreamer (rollo’s big mix) [mca] 5. dj’s rule: get into the music (hybrid mix) [distinctive] 6. hyper go-go feat. adeva: do whatcha do (hybrid mix) [awex uk] 7. hondy: hondy (no access) (nip & tuck mix) [bustin’ loose records]


Netvibes to support podcasts

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Netvibes podcast feature

Netvibes offers a very nice user interface for listening new podcasts. All subscribed podcasts appear in a basic rss-feed form, but there are two buttons for each entry: “listen” and “download”.

Basically you can stream every podcast which sounds interesting before downloading it. As I’ve subscribed to nearly 30 different podcasts, it took all my bandwidth to download all the new casts everytime I opened iTunes. I’m more than happy to select the best mixes using this interface and leaving iTunes just for my music library.