To start the double-o-seven properly, I guess it’s time to sum up some of the moments of the past year.

Left Rovaniemi behind and moved to Helsinki. Getting a possibility of being part of Misc Management and working with some of the nicest guys in the southern electronic music scene has been more than delightful. The future looks exciting.

Got a possibility to travel a lot. Loved the Birkweiler wine fields. Saw Belfast, both sides of it.

Graduated. Wrote the Pro Gradu about Flyers in Electronic Music Culture.

After waiting for 11 years, finally saw Underworld live. Also enjoyed the Unity 10th Anniversary, both being the highlights of this year.

Finished remix of EBTG’s “Missing” and a remake of Innerself’s “Gautama”, released seven DJ-mixes and a couple of radio sets. Buried Worldwide Mix Selection podcast project and concentrated on DJ Orion’s podcast with a plenty of hi-quality guest mixes from Finnish artists.

Disliked Teosto and Gramex. Enjoyed some very good movies. Got sentimental while moving away from the north and couldn’t help looking back.

Experienced some very nice gigs such as Spinni in Tampere, Choon! in Turku, Rio88600 in Sotkamo and Sunburn in Kalajoki to mention just a few. Got new friends and got together with the old – humble, simple and honest people, who I – once again – just can’t give enough credit.

Made a new year resolution last year not to involve in any event production or promotion in spring 2006 – and got hands on way too many projects. Expecting the same to happen this year again.

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