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Voinko tuntea oloni kotoisaksi, kun saksalainen ZDF-kanava lähettää ensimmäisenä iltana suomalaista erotik-dramaa joka kotiin? Olo on lähinnä vaivautunut leffan tasosta johtuen, vaikka Jasper Pääkkösen fliessend Deutsch huvittaakin. Leffan saksalainen nimi on otsikon mukainen. Sensaatiohakuista?

Music news from Germany

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This must have been one of the longest breaks with writing this blog, happy to be online again – there are lots of things to share.

Once again, the 10-day trip to Germany was more than successful. When it’s about record stores, Germany seems to be THE promised land for finding hard-to-find rarities and oldskool classics. After browsing through three of my favourite stores in Augsburg, I was sure to have problems with bringing all the vinyls back to Finland. Nevertheless – they never check the weight of your hand luggage and that’s usually the only way to smuggle 20 extra kilos of records to Finland.

This time I found some old Hooj Choons and Zyx classics, a couple of old Perfecto promos, old Sasha, some new remixes of Guru Josh’s Infinity, Bizarre Inc, Grace, Mandala, Joey Negro, BT, Program 2 Beltram and really huge amount of old Tilt/Quivver/John Graham productions and remixes.
One of the funniest of these remixes is Mozaic’s The Hallelujah Song, which samples – surpriseee!! – Dr. Alban’s Sing Hallelujah. Quivver’s Dirty Dub is really entertaining, but can’t definitely be played on any serious taken club night :) Was this stuff really played in 1995? :D
Better John Graham productions include for example remix of Lazonby’s Sacred Cycles and h-u-g-e co-production Funky Summa. Great records.

Just when leaving the last store, I decided still to listen the long player of Mylo – Destroy Rock ‘n Roll. I was aware of the hits (who wouldn’t?) Drop The Pressure, In My Arms and Destroy Rock n’ Roll so I skipped them and listened shortly to the other tracks on the LP. I really have to recommend this album – all these “hits” are definitely the least interesting tracks on the record. It includes great funky tracks such as “Rikki” (“Broken” in Finnish, funny co-incident), melodic yet electronic house tunes and really atmospheric chill/deep-house tunes such as the last three tracks. Check it out – I should have found the album earlier – I seemed to judge the whole album by just hearing the Chart tunes. Anyway, I’m happy to get it now.

In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of Underworld. There couldn’t have been better a better homecoming gift than hearing that they’ve released a new album. Underworld’s live recordings have always been great (Everything, Everything and incredible online unofficial double CD-release Bootleg Babies, which seems to be offline at the moment – make sure to download it if you’ll find it. The original version was available in but I didn’t find it there anymore.)

But back to the subject – also the new Underworld-album is an online release. Or can you even call it an album – it’s a series of two mixed releases, both including 6-7 tracks.

“the idea is to give us the chance to stretch out into areas we have only been able to touch on with traditional album releases, and give you the listener an underworld experience over the time it takes to listen to one side of an old vinyl album.”
-rick and karl

Underworld’s “lovely broken thing” and “pizza for eggs” are available at The price includes the music, covers and hundreds of photographs shot by Karl. Previews available.

Aaaand – last but not least. I found an interesting podcast – podcasts many of their radio shows. Finally a podcast which releases new music often and with big variety of genres. To subscribe, copy this feed to your player:
If you own iTunes, just click here.

Here’s all for now, catch you later :)