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Orion – Live @ Time Tunnel 2014

December 15, 2014

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Orion – Live @ Time Tunnel 2014

Held at the most wonderful venue, Oulu City Theatre, legendary Time Tunnel had its 21st(!) anniversary event in the end of August. I played at the event 9 years ago and was more than happy to get an invitation again. It was so, so good!

Recorded with Zoom H6.

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Cari Lekebusch, Orion – Foreign Shapes (Original Mix) [Absence Of Facts]

Cari Lekebusch, Orion – Foreign Shapes (Original Mix) [Absence Of Facts]

With its roots firmly in the relentless techno of the ’90s, Absence of Facts presents modern analog-inspired tracks that have been handcrafted and carefully selected in Helsinki, Finland.

Merging the Scandinavian spirit into hypnotic yet groovy tracks Sweden’s Cari Lekebusch and Finland’s Orion provide their second collaboration EP on Absence of Facts.

Written and produced by
Cari Lekebusch & Juska Wendland
Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden © Absence of Facts 2018
Link: Soundcloud

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Tiukka 10 minuutin DJ-tutoriaali skrätsäämisen perusteista (Baby scratch, Chirp ja 1 Click Flare) sekä Supertyylin hävytön 5 minuutin DJ-rutiini. Kysy videon kommenteissa skrätsäämiseen liittyen, Supertyyli ja DJ Orion vastaavat.

DJ Orionin kanavalla laitetaan yhteen pakettiin kaikki mielenkiintoiset kotimaisen konemusiikin aiheet. Huippuja artistivieraita, kasapäin vinkkejä, DJ-tutoriaaleja ja paljon muuta. Ehdota aihetta kommentteihin ja laita kanava tilaukseen ✌️

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Gritty, dirty and rough. 😵 The latest single on Absence of Facts – “Orion – Loiste” is out now on Spotify, Beatport and all other major stores and 🙉

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