Orion – Live Series #14 – Orkidea & Friends, Börs, Turku, 5.4.2014, Part #3

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Orion – Live Series #14 – Orkidea & Friends, Börs, Turku, 5.4.2014, Part #3

Live Series #14, part #3/3
Final hour of the warmup slot (22:00-00:45) at Orkidea & Friends, Börs, Turku. Some 1800 people joined the fun, incredible vibe all along. The last part is more melodic, progressive and setting the mood before Orkidea hit the decks. This was also the first gig to use Roland’s brand new TB-3 as part of the DJ/Live setup.
Full tracklist of all three parts below.

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*** Part #3 ***
25. Gregor Tresher – About A Good Place
26. CLMD – Drifting
27. Pryda – Wakanapi
28. CLMD – Drifting
29. Jeremy Olander & Fehrplay – Balboa (The Final Version)
30. Faithless – Salva Mea (Sister Bliss remix)
31. CLMD – Fader
32. Jeremy Olander vs. Kent – Petroleum
33. M83 – Outro (Markus Toepfer Edit)

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