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Orion & J.Shore – Isolatedmix 35

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Orion & J.Shore – Isolatedmix 35

A Strangely Isolated Place, a website, label and online community of ambient, chill-out and downtempo music, asked us (Orion & J.Shore) to make a mix for their Isolatedmix series. Isolatedmix is like Global Underground of the chill-out scene: artists like Ulrich Schnauss, Nick Warren, Carbon Based Lifeforms and Helios have contributed their own Isolatedmixes.

The mix is now online and streamable/downloadable on Soundcloud. It includes 18 tracks – mostly Scandinavian chill-out, some unreleased tracks and some tunes made exclusively for this mix only. I’m very happy of the result. I hope you enjoy it too.

Ryan from ASIP wrote a really nice introduction for the mix. You might want to check that out, too:

Like the massive spectrum of music in my head, Finnish brothers Orion and J.Shore usually sit at opposite ends on the music production front. Juska (Orion), grew up on the early 90′s hypnotic trance sound such as Cygnus X’s album “Hypermetrical” and Sven Väth’s “The Harlequin – The Robot And The Ballet-Dancer” and for the past five years has hosted a variety of electronic music on his National Finnish Radio show. In a vein I can very much relate to, these early 90′s records…

Read the whole introduction @ A Strangely Isolated Place


1. Gorm Sørensen – ID
2. Tim Sane – Untitled
3. Lauge & Baba Gnohm – Structures
4. Orion & J.Shore – Brotherhood (Xerxes remix)
5. Stephen J. Kroos – IO
6. Orion & J.Shore – Deep Blue (Tokyo Boulevard Downtempo Remix)
7. Jani R – All The Beauty (2012 Beat Mix)
8. Softys – No More Time For Us
9. Orion & J. Shore – Architect’s Dream (Turismo Remix)
10. Indigo – Dineh
11. Orion & J. Shore – Nails (Planet Boelex remix)
12. Kajis – What Are We Doing
13. Incolumis – Cloudcage
14. Turismo – And Our Universe Was Born
15. Unfabled – Solitude
16. Orkidea – Unity (Orion & J.Shore remix)
17. Chris Coco – My Sunset (Orion&J.Shore remix)

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