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Light bulbs

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Global warming seems to be more and more regular topic on the daily news, at least here in Finland. I wonder when the yellow press realizes its commercial potential. Think about it: “Global warming ruined David Beckham’s holiday in Greenland: ‘Where’s the snow?!'”. Top seller! ;)

Seriously speaking – people tend to think that fighting global warming takes a lot of time, money and the deeds of one individual just don’t count on a large scale.
But wrong – you can (and should) just start by changing your light bulbs.

Yes, light bulbs. Replace your old bulbs with CF Bulbs (Energiansäästölamppu, in Finnish). Today.

Changing the bulbs is
1) the easiest way to reduce our dependence on oil.
2) the cheapest way to cut down the amount of greenhouse gases
3) a direct way to prevent new power plants to be built
4) it IS cheap, actually every bulb will cost itself back in less than four years

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P.S. If you’re a blogger or a media person (which anyone can be these days:), consider spreading the word. It’s not only mediasexy, but it makes the world a bit better place, too.

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