Orion - Everyday Just a Dream (Enclave remix) [Machine] -- OUT NOW – DJ Orion

Orion – Everyday Just a Dream (Enclave remix) [Machine] — OUT NOW

January 2, 2016

Title: Orion – Everyday Just a Dream (Enclave remix) [Machine] — OUT NOW
Description: Orion – Everyday Just a Dream (Enclave remix)
“Taking a turn to left with Melbourne’s own Enclave, diverting us down another passage infused with his signature developmental style. Hypnotising and entrancing, the “Dream” manipulated into something that beckons us forward.”
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On air every Friday on YleX, Finnish National Radio at 17:00-22:00 Finnish Time (GMT +2).
#Disko2000 17:00-20:00
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Orion – Live @ 26 Years Of Dance, Silja Europa

Orion – Live @ 26 Years Of Dance, Silja Europa
Live recording @ 26 Years Of Dance club cruise. “Unity the Rave” stage had a full-on 90’s rave spirit during 04:00-05:00. 60min of blast from the past!
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Video: Orion, Cari Lekebusch – Absence [Absence of Facts]

Orion, Cari Lekebusch – Absence [Absence of Facts]

Vinyl available:
BANDCAMP: https://absenceoffacts.bandcamp.com/
JUNO: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/cari-lekebusch-orion-absence/660895-01/
DEEJAY.DE: https://www.deejay.de/Cari_Lekebusch_Orion_Absence_Presence_AOF004_Vinyl__284842
MIND: https://www.mindrecords.com/
REDEYE: https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/88674-aof004-cari-lekebusch-orion-
DEEP.HU: https://www.deep.hu/catalog/AOF004
FREESTYLEONLINE: https://freestyleonline.net/detail.php?ITEM_ID=47257
DISCOPIU: http://www.discopiu.com/detail.aspx?ida=136935


With its roots firmly in the relentless techno of the ’90s, Absence of Facts presents modern analog-inspired tracks that have been handcrafted and carefully selected in Helsinki, Finland.

With more than 22 years in the business, Absence of Facts head honcho Orion joins another undeniable trendsetter and tastemaker, long-term techno heavyweight Cari Lekebusch. With Helsinki meeting Stockholm, the result is a groovy, hypnotic two-tracker.

“Absence” is a growing and banging yet funky, squelching piece of uncompromised techno while “Presence” is for those deep, trippy moments in the early morning hours.

Written and produced by Cari Lekebusch & Juska Wendland.
Mastered by Phonogenic Audio.
Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden
© Absence of Facts 2017

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Orion live @ Kuutio, Musiikkitalo, Helsinki

Orion live @ Kuutio, Musiikkitalo, Helsinki

Thanks a million to Point Break crew for super quality production and unforgettable experience in a totally unique setting, Sellekhanks for the mindblowing visuals and fellow DJs Efo, Orkidea and Concha for delivering fantastic sets.

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