Linkage: Miika Saksi, Derrick May, TTVK.

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Some music & design related links & ideas from the past days.

Miika Saksi (yeah, the guy who made the first Love poster – and much more) – has opened his blog. Cool stuff, check it out.

Derrick May, one of the most famous vinyl supporters has given the much hyped new Transmat release exclusively to Beatport. A good blog post about that – “Yo Derrick, what the fuck?”

In Finland, antipiracy organization TTVK has sued a file sharer (aka a pirate!) for over 3,6 million euros. C-r-a-z-y. Meanwhile, Future of Music blog writes music business is less and less about selling records.
So, where does that sum – 3600000 EUR – come from?

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