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DJ Orion & J.Shore – Goodbye Earth EP

August 23, 2009

Here’s a preview of our brand new chill-out EP, called “Goodbye Earth”. It’s cinematic, melancholic and full of memories of the past summer, exactly how we prefer our chill-out music :)

My brother J.Shore made some amazing and hard work here with recording live strings + winds for the first track “Your Highness” and the second, “Deep Blue”. All the tracks were made during June 2009 in Tampere and finalized in Germany one month later.

DJ Orion & J.Shore – Goodbye Earth EP
01. Your Highness
02. Deep Blue
03. When All The Ships Are Gone

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Vilith – Disposition [Absence of Facts – AOF007]

Title: Vilith – Disposition [Absence of Facts – AOF007]
Description: Buy:

With its roots firmly in the relentless techno of the ’90s, Absence of Facts presents modern analog-inspired tracks that have been handcrafted and carefully selected in Helsinki, Finland.

Disposition / Absence of Happiness is a new two-tracker from Vilith, a rising talent from Helsinki who takes a modern approach to techno. Both tracks provide a raw, pumping touch that works both at smaller intimate venues as well as for the bigger crowds.

Written and produced by Vili Kunttu
Mastered by Phonogenic Audio
Recorded in Helsinki, Finland
© Absence of Facts 2018
Link: Soundcloud

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