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YleX Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 30.09.2008

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DJ Orion @ YleX – Tiistain Tanssi-ilta 30.09.2008

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta tracklist
01. OneWorld – Isla Blanca (Avanti)
02. Claes Rosen – What’s Up Tonight (Add2Basket)

03. 16 Bit Lolitas – Goodbye Pluto (Bits & Pieces)

04. Komytea – Professional Killers (AnjunaDeep)
05. Cid Inc – The Grill (Lank remix) (Tolerant)
06. The Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme (2008 Re-Edit) (Nocturnal Groove)
07. David West – Hello Piano (Sebastien Leger remix) (Mistakes Music)
08. Electrobios, Sheeple – Map Quest (Blendbrank remix) (Witty Tunes)
09. Thomas Feijk – Toaster (Richard Davison remix) (Finity)
10. Placebo & David Bowie – Without You I’m Nothing (Brothers In Rhythm remix) (Elevator Music)
11. Hybrid – Formula of Fear (Distinc’ive)

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Listen Tiistain Tanssi-ilta again on YleX Areena (works in Finland only):

Tiistain Tanssi-ilta @ KLUBITUS
Tiistain Tanssi-ilta @ IRC-GALLERIA
Tiistain Tanssi-ilta @ FACEBOOK
Tiistain Tanssi-ilta @ YLEX

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