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Jaytech to Finland!

By July 27, 2008 No Comments

Australian Jaytech is coming to Finland this autumn.

If I would need to mention my TOP3 nu-sound producers today, the list would definitely contain Jaytech. The young Australian wizard has just released his amazing debut album “Everything is OK” and has been named as Above&Beyond’s favourite warm-up DJ on their tours. His new tracks like Pepe’s Garden and Groove Nova and older like Genesis and Tomorrow as well as the joint productions with Matt Rowan are such a bliss to hear and play. His sound influences today’s progressive house and trance strongly (check his podcast) and I can guess this is just the start, according to his Inthemix interview.

Jaytech is currently touring all around the world and finally landing to Finland this October. It’s a moment not-to-miss.

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  • CJ says:

    Ummm… Nu-sound? Damn, that sounds so… I have to ask, is that same kind of pretentious bullshit like all the music labeled as neo-something? Besides, people shouldn’t label anything as “nu” because history has shown how quickly it become old.

  • Orion says:

    :D OK, you’re absolutely right, that sounds ridiculous.

    However – I’m not willing to use that to label the music style, but rather describe the “new wave of trance” (argh!:) in which the BPMs have come down and the content has become smarter (not too obvious melodies, funky & housey basslines etc.).

    I’m happy that trance events can these days include hours of minimal influenced sound, progressive house, breaks etc and they can still be called trance events. What comes to that, Jaytech’s sound is truly _progressive_, new (nu:) and partly even a bit ahead of its time.

    So, instead of writing all that, I chosed to call it with a bad “nu”-name in the first post ;)

    Thanks for your comment!

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