Veggie motors

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There’s some fog outside and the internet connection is completely dead. I’m writing this offline.

I guess all the environmentally well informed people already know everything about these vegetable oil cars, but let’s still have a closer look how they work. As I don’t have too much knowledge on anything which has four wheels, this is going to be brief.

Certain diesel motors have the ability to run on veggie oil. As diesel oil, also the veggie oil has to be pre-heated before you can start the engine. Veggie oil, however, needs a much higher temperature in order to start the engine. That’s why you need to build another pre-heater especially for veggie oil.

When pre-heated, the car should run normally. It uses approximately the same amount of fuel as the normal diesel engine, with the exception that you can get your fuel for free from local restaurants and bars which use oil for making food. The veggie oil engine also produces less emissions – but the smell is worse, though :)

If you think vegetable oil motor is old news, have you heard of the motor running with compressed air?

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