Info hour

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The highlight of today was getting a shower. The water was above zero celcius, luxorious!

I also learned that the nettles won’t sting you if you hold your breath. That sounds as crazy as it is, but it works.

One guy – Richie – arrived here two days ago, obviously an old friend of many. Richie had been eye-witnessing the Oaxaca protests in Mexico in late 2006. We spent the evening listening to the story and seeing some incredible video footage of demonstrations of over 600000 people.
The whole thing had started of the teachers’ strike. The government sent over 3000 police without a warning to the city early in the morning to break up the occupation. The following street battles led the situation to chaos and set several other work unions behind the teachers’ strike. Massive demonstrations and fights between the government troops and locals followed and since June 14, Oaxaca has been in a state of civil rebellion.
Scary, scary stuff. Things you definitely don’t realize even the things would get big enough to fit to the Finnish news broadcasts.

The next days we’ll be concentrating fully on media education methods. Sharing and teaching different workshops and going through different digital media teaching methods with the locals. They seem to be pretty excited about our contents and we’re hoping to get some new ideas in return.

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