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I’m back and alive but my luggage still decided to continue travelling. It’s probably in Copenhagen, it’s a soft bag and full of red wine. Let’s see if the clothes have a brand new colour when they finally arrive…
After 11 days of travelling and not more than five minutes of shower in total during the whole trip, hot bath didn’t feel too bad invention at all. Good to be home. But I’m definitely going back there one day.

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  • Ilmari says:

    Based on my own experience I can tell you that if by any chance one of the wine bottles has broken in your bag, it is possible to get even the totally white clothes cleaned if you wash them while the wine is still wet. However, hard to tell what would be the situation after couple of days in Copenhagen.

    Anyway, the best way to transport bottles in your luggage is to put them inside of empty 1,5l water bottles and wrap towels around them.


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