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Radio Track of the Day: Unterberg, Zacharian – Thoughts

January 18, 2018

Unterberg, Zacharian – Thoughts (Thoughts)
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Finnish National Radio YleX Friday Night 20:00-22:00
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On air every Friday on YleX, Finnish National Radio at 17:00-22:00 Finnish Time (GMT +2).
#Disko2000 17:00-20:00
#DJOrion 20:00-22:00.
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Orion – Live @ 26 Years Of Dance, Silja Europa

Orion – Live @ 26 Years Of Dance, Silja Europa
Live recording @ 26 Years Of Dance club cruise. “Unity the Rave” stage had a full-on 90’s rave spirit during 04:00-05:00. 60min of blast from the past!
Link: Soundcloud

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Orion – State of Exception (Original mix) [Absence of Facts]

Orion - State of Exception

Orion – State of Exception

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Orion – State of Exception

A1. State of Exception (Original mix)
B1. Visionary (Original mix)

September 2018
Absence of Facts / AOF012

Written and produced by Juska Wendland
Mastered by Phonogenic Audio
Recorded in Helsinki, Finland
Ā© Absence of Facts 2018

Available @ Bandcamp
Available @ Beatport

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